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I've got a new attitude.

I've been really down in a funk lately and I don't like it. I've been trying a bunch of different things but not sticking long enough to any one thing to see results. Of course, some things I know didn't work and I needed to stop them. So I've decided to tackle this a whole different way. I'm going to fake it. As someone commented to me yesterday, eat less and move more. Not only is it that but I need consistency. I do great for a few days and then I taper off and by Friday I'm feeling rotten. I know that if I exercise everyday not only will I feel way better about myself my eating will be way better. So that's it, I'm going to focus on moving more. I haven't really felt like exercising in weeks so my heart is not really in it. But I know that if I fake like I'm enjoying it eventually I will. Exercise in the morning when I get up (that works best for me) and do something at night when I come home (that prevents ice cream eating at night). I…

I'm tired.

I started this post this morning saying how interesting it was that things had just been kind of cruising along. I've been eating fairly well and exercise has been good. Then I stepped on the scale. I'm at 164.5. That so pissed me off and I just decided I'm tired. I'm tired of dragging my ass out of bed 6 mornings a week and exercising. I'm tired of forcing myself to exercise almost every night when I come home from work tired and worn out from the day. I'm tired of feeling guilty about a small piece of candy I eat in the afternoon. I'm just plain tired. I read in another blog that someone just wanted to be like normal people; eat want you want and not worry about calories or points or carbs or protein or whateva!!! Of course that raises the question, "If 60% of the American population is overweight - how exactly do "normal" people eat?" Do I want to be "normal"? I really am tired of constantly thinking about food and exerc…

I feel good!!!

I had the best run this morning that I've had in a long time. As usual I really didn't feel like doing it but convinced myself to walk and then turned on the music. Well, before 2 minutes was up I was ready to run. I ran for 40 minutes running for 10 and walking for 1-1.5. For the last 2 10 minute segments I upped the incline a bit and that really made it harder. But I did it and felt awesome when I was done. Now I feel great and that's a great way to start the day!!!!