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Some more thoughts

People who have never had a weight problem will probably never understand this, but this is what happened last night to me. Prior to last nights workout I felt like I had been phoning in my workouts. I left there sweaty and tired but the sweat was due mostly to the humidity and the tired was because any type of activity tires me out in that heat. Not that I was working out, I just was not giving it my best effort. Wednesday's workout I think I miscounted a couple of sets and didn't do quite as many reps as I should have. On Wednesday I let that slide, but normally - when in beast mode - I would have done some extra just to make sure I got all my reps in. But up until last night, the little voice inside my head telling me this was hard was winning. Last night I finally beat it into submission. It's not beaten for good. This is a battle I will have to fight every so often, but I have definitely one the most important skirmish. There will be a point when I win the war, but t…

Something clicked tonight

I went to Crossfit even though I did not really feel like it. I normally don't go on Friday nights, I go on Saturday. But tomorrow is Barbell for Boobs and my box will be closed. That meant if I wanted my 3rd workout this week I needed to go tonight. I had a very busy morning. I had Starbuck's for breakfast at 7am. I ate Burger King for lunch at 2pm. By then I was so hungry I would have eaten a piece of wood if one was around. I drank a soda. It was not a stellar day as far as eating went. My stomach started reminding me of that around 4:30. I forced myself to go and on the way there my blood sugar started acting up. Great. This was going to be fabulous. As I parked I almost sat in my car for a minute to see if I felt better. But then I said, screw it, if I can't do it I'll scale it back and I headed into the box.

The warm up was a run to the corner - this was where everything changed. I headed out, slowly, and was sucking air in a few steps. Then the tape recorder…

Slowing Down

It always happens this way. I start break all energized with a long list of things I want to do. Then around mid break I start to slow down. It's weird because I really would have thought it would go the other way. I'd be super lazy at the beginning and more energized after some rest. And it's been that way on past breaks. I think the difference now is that I don't have that stupid thesis hanging over my head. Anything I do I do for me and if I waste time it's okay. For example, I spent about an hour yesterday looking at digidesign at guitar center. Not sure why as I'm not looking for that kind of stuff, but who cares? I did it and I did not feel bad about it.

So today is the last day and then it's back to school on Monday. I did get things accomplished and I plan on getting a little more done. So for a change I got to enjoy a break and not beat myself up over a stupid paper. I'll probably take it easy the next few days so I'm all rested for Mond…


This is what most people look like after a Crossfit workout. Last night we are all lying all over the place completely covered in sweat. It was awesome!!!!

So I went last night instead of in the morning and it was much better. I got a lot accomplished yesterday and after my workout I was tired. A good kind tired. I was in bed by 9:30 and that is a perfectly acceptable hour to go to bed.

Woke up this morning starving. That is another benefit of working out at night. If I work out in the morning I spend the day eating. When I work out at night I eat dinner and go to bed in a couple of hours. Much better than eating all day long.

So evening workouts are definitely for me. I wonder if I've always been like that or if this is something new. When I look back on my life, most of my workouts were in the evening for most of my life. Hmmmm....I wonder if I've been trying to make myself a morning workout person for no reason. I know that by doing it in the morning I get it over with.…

Handstand revisited

Crossfit is big on handstands. Handstands, handstand push-ups. Whatever. If you can do it on your hands they are all for it. I have also figured out the pattern to the Crossfit workout. We warm-up then spend 10-15 minutes working on something. We have worked on front squats, deadlifts, cleans, etc. These things may or may not be in the workout. The idea is to spend a little time perfecting a move and then do the workout. I like it.

On Monday I decided to go in the morning and that was a huge mistake. The morning class is at 10am and that time just does not work for me. Also, it has been super, super hot here and by 10am I am just dripping sweat from doing absolutely nothing. But I wanted to give it a go so I went. For the first 10 minutes we worked on handstands. I have done this once before at Crossfit and actually got up. I tried again on Monday and got up twice but man oh man did it kill my wrists. I could not stay up for more then a few seconds my right wrist hurt so bad. But …

Paleo Diet

It's funny how things happen. I've been working on my diet for years - and not in the trying to cut calories way. In trying to make my body work right and feel good way. I've been working towards removing processed foods from my diet. It's been a little difficult but not impossible. I can now count on one hand how many processed foods I eat on most days.

Then last month I started Crossfit. Love the workout, love it. Turns out Crossfit is a big proponent of the Paleo Diet. I agree with the concepts of the Paleo diet. We really are cavemen. Our bodies have not evolved as rapidly as our technology has. As a result we are eating processed foods that I really believe our bodies don't recognize as food. So while I agree with the philosophy I have never really investigated it.

On Saturday my box had a Paleo workshop. I wanted to go but after my workout Saturday morning I ended up falling asleep on the couch and missing it. But since I was really interested I did some …

Weird ads

I have been looking at a lot of ads and motivational things on the internet lately and let me tell you - some of them are just plain weird. I realize this one is old but babies drinking cola?? Really??? That doesn't seem smart not matter when this came out.

This one I remember so it's not that old. Of course, now that we know better, all cigarette ads are stupid.

Okay, this is weird. They used similar scare tactics during the Gulf war. If you drove a gas guzzler you were supporting Al Queda. Some things never change.

This one is just plain weird. I'm assuming there was a problem with underweight people and they were trying to fatten them up. But without context it is just plain bizarre. I ran across an ad the other day that said you live in Hawaii check out:
carpet cleaning chapel hill nc. Ummm, okay. If I'm in Hawaii why would I be interested in carpet cleaning in chapel hill??? I don't know. I just enjoy reading ads and finding strange things.