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WW Week 1

My first week on WW is officially complete. I don't know when I stopped WW the last time exactly. I do know that it was over 3 years ago. I stopped for a variety of reasons, the main one being that I said it stopped working for me. Now, in hindsight, the truth is, I stopped working it. I also remember vividly becoming obsessed with the numbers. Obsessed. I would try to keep my points as low as possible. I didn't want to eat my weekly points and I was proud when I finished the day with daily points left over. That kind of thinking is what leads to eating disorders. That was definitely one of the main reasons I stopped WW last time. There was also the fact that I just wasn't doing it. I felt like it had stopped working for me but I know that wasn't the case at all.

So this week I'm back. I was not perfect, but I did it. I did not track all my food every day, but I tracked more than 90% so that is good. I ate my daily points. I ate my activity points. I ate my weekl…

Weight Watchers

I was so focused on finding someway to get my eating under control that I completely forgot about my issues with WW. And I do have issues. Almost everything else I can get around, but I have a huge issues with numbers. When counting points, I try to get the lowest points possible. In the past, that has led to me being hungry, tired, cranky, etc. Not good. I found myself doing yesterday. I was counting points before I ate the breakfast Hubby prepared for me and realized that it was way too high in points. Luckily, I came to my senses in time and ate a decent breakfast, but I did give the dogs some of it. Same thing happened with dinner on Saturday night. I tried to go for the lowest point thing, but again, came to my senses and ordered something reasonable. I need to switch my thinking when it comes to points. I need to think the same way I do about calories. I have got to eat my 27 points as a minimum. Lower than that and things get ugly. Have to work to keep that attitude. The good …