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It's September!

That means only 4 more months until 2007. In November my training for Honu 70.3 starts in earnest. Wow!!! That's soon.

I just read a statistic that only 1% of the worlds population participate in triathlons. That puts me in a very exclusive club. I like that. I like to do things regular folks don't do. Of course, between the folks I hang out with and the blog world, it always surprises me when I run into someone who doesn't know what a triathlon is. To me it's so common everyone knows about it. Guess not!

I read about the team is putting together for IMMOO 2007. At first I thought, wow, what a great opportunity. To get equipment and training just like a pro, I'm definitely going to try for that. But after more consideration I've decided not to go for it. I do intend to do an Ironman one day but I want to be ready, more in my head than body, and I'm just not there yet. I need to get more sprints and olys under my belt. I need to do a 70.3 and g…

The comedy that is my life.

Let's see if I can relate the true absurdity of last night.

It all began Tuesday night. When out in the backyard we noticed a smell of something dead. Some very minor investigation lead us to believe it was in the neighbor's yard and we dropped it. When we went to bed that night the smell was strong. We had to turn the fan on to chase the smell away so we could sleep.

Yesterday, on the way home from work, hubby says, "we are going to find that dead thing even if it's in the neighbor's yard and get rid of it" I was totally cool with that, I did not want to smell it anymore.

Once home the hunt began. We searched around the side of the house where the smell is the strongest and realized it was under our house. We (by we I mean my husband while I hid) proceed to remove the slats covering the crawl space and look under. I am standing around the corner trying to avoid seeing whatever is there. My husband says "What's that?" very innocently and I just lea…

I love Blogs!!!!

I have a bunch of blogs that I read regularly. They cover a wide range of topics; triathlons, running, weight loss, strength training, nothing in particular. 99% of the time I read these blogs and while I enjoy it, no lightning bolts hit me. Last night I was struck by lightning.

8 years ago I weighed 225 lbs. It took me 1/2 hour to walk 1 mile. I slept a lot!! When I decided it was time for a change the first thing I did was head to Weight Watchers. They were a great help. I ended up losing 70+/- lbs. At this point I started doing triathlons. Now, I kept doing WW because my basic focus has been to lose weight. That has always been my goal and I was thinking triathlons would aid in the weight loss. This turned out not to be true. In fact, I found myself in a frustrating situation. I would try to restrict my calories and then would not feel like working out. So I would eat a little more and then feel guilty for going over my points/calories/whatever. I've been bouncing between these …

Wow, it's hot here!!!!

Look at my little weather thingy. It's 81 with no wind, that's hot for us!!!

It's been a good weekend. My head's in a good place and I hope to keep it there.

Saturday was biking day. I had planned to do a 2-3 hour ride since I had nothing else to do until later and it was a beautiful day. After about 45 minutes some weird stuff started happening. I would get this ringing/buzzing in my right ear and then I would start to get dizzy. Since I was riding on the main highway in this area, I pulled over and stopped. It passed and I took off again. This happened a couple of times so I decided 2-3 hours probably wasn't a great idea. I did 1:15 and headed home.

Today was strength and running. Since it's so freaking hot I did not feel like running (you folks who live in this all the time have my utmost respect). Yesterday on my bike ride, I discovered the entrance to a trail I'd been looking for. It's just a mile from my house so I decided I'd go hiking instead o…