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Shopping Done

And this was pretty much what my counter looked like when I got home. I bought: carrots, brussel sprouts, peppers, jalapenos, lettuce, tomatoes, persimmons, bananas, salmon, olive oil,greek yogurt, Uncle Sam cereal, and other things I can't think of right now. I spent over $100 but it is so going to be worth it. Next week, actually starting today, is going to be such an awesome week. I'm doing some prep work later today. I'll be roasting veggies and prepping lettuce for salads. I want to have things at the ready so I don't have the opportunity to consider junk food. I'm very pleased with myself and excited to be eating all this good, healthy stuff. I have spent the past 3 1/2 hours running around doing all this shopping and since I'm not 100% over my cold, I am now tired. Very, very tired. I'm going to go rest for a while and then make myself some lunch.

Oh right, Weight Watchers, so what happened? Well, I was up again. .8 lbs. I'm not worrying a…

Starting Over

If you've started out in pursuit of your goal
And you've really tried with your heart and your soul,
but somehow things got out of control---

When you've tried your best to do what you should
And you thought this time that you surely would,
But once again, you didn't do good---

When you've tried so hard to yourself to be true
And do the things that you know you should do,
But once again you failed to come through---

When the road to success seemed much too long
And each temptation was oh, so strong
And once again you gave in to wrong---

When you've told your friends what you planned to do
And trusted them to help you through
But soon discovered it's up to you---

When you know you must be physically fit,
But your hope seems gone and you're stuck in a pit
That's not the time for you to quit---

To start again means a victory's been won
And starting over again means a race well …

Feeling Better

It's been a slow recovery, but I am feeling better. This cold came on like gang busters. Thursday I felt like I had s slight headcold, by Friday I was stuffed up, coughing, and sick as a dog. I felt like absolute crap for 5 days and spent most of those days in bed. By Tuesday I was done with being sick and went back to school. Tuesday and Wednesday were brutal. By afternoon my voice was shot and the almost constant coughing was annoying. Yesterday was much better and today is even better. I just want to be done with this and feel like myself again. I want to start exercising again. I want to have my appetite back and start eating normal again.

Being at home and watching so much TV, I have seen some really weird stuff. Lots and lots of lawyers advertise on TV. I don't think that's good but I can't say exactly why outside of the obvious. I see a lot of commercials for products we don't need at all and that bothers me. A. Lot. I've also seen some useful …