16 May 2009


I rejoined WW today. I left about 7 months ago. I wasn't really ready to start today since I have to go grocery shopping but I decided to just eat normally and track. I thought it would give me an idea of where I was food wise. Wow!! Wow!! All I can say is Wow!! Today was a kind of high food day, one day of the weekend usually is. I didn't think it was that high though until I totalled my points. I'm supposed to eat 22 points. I ate 51!!! Wow!!! I think I see where the problem lies. So I'm glad I did this today. Normally I would have thought I didn't eat all that much today. No wonder I'm having trouble losing weight. I really do eat way more then I think I do. So that was an eye opener. I sat down tonight and read through all the material. I have to lose that mindset that I know what I'm doing. Obviously I don't know what I'm doing or I wouldn't still have a weight problem. Time to really get serious.

Time for a list

My lists seem to work so well it's time to write another one. Today I have a lot I want to get done, luckily I have nothing else to do. So here is the list:

  • Go to Weight Watchers Meeting - Done and it was as ugly as I expected
  • Go for walk on the swamp path - Done and it was fabulously gorgeous
  • Clean house - Done and what a mess it was
  • Scrub bird cages - Done the best I can today
  • Bake dog biscuits - Tonight Oops. Guess I'll have to make them tomorrow
  • Take the pups to the dog park - In just a little while Done and what fun they had
  • Read my book for class on Monday - Ugh, I don't want to
  • Research a thesis topic - This is harder then it sounds.
Actually, now that I see the list it's not that bad at all. The WW meeting is at 7:30 and is half an hour. The swamp path is about 30-45 minutes. Cleaning house and scrubbing bird cages is 2 hours max. Baking biscuits - half an hour. That's a total of less then 4 hours. If I begin this adventure at 7:30 I'll be done before 1 (just in case something takes longer). The afternoons, from 3 to 6 or so, tend to be devoted to the animals. The birds come out and run around the house. We play with the dogs in the yard, etc. Then tonight I can sit and plan out my WW meals. I have been eating so horribly lately it's time to refocus.

Tomorrow we are going to see Star Trek in Imax and then I'll do my grocery shopping and then I'll be all done for the weekend. I like that. I like that a lot. I will probably go for a hike tomorrow morning. What a fabulous weekend that sounds like :) Hope yours is just as great.

15 May 2009

I think my mojo is in the hood

Seriously. I'm ready to really start working out and training for races. I want to do a quasi-Olympic distance in July, a half marathon in September, and a Century ride at the end of September. I'm psyched. I have to devise a plan, which I will this weekend, because without a plan nothing happens. Anyway I'm very excited. It feels good to be back training.

In food news, I'm back to Weight Watchers tomorrow. I'm looking forward to that, I think I need the support and encouragement. I realized something today, recently I'm not eating enough. I'm not. Today I had 2 slices of peanut butter toast. 1 cup of Greek yogurt. An apple with some more peanut butter. That is not enough. What happens is that instead of getting hungry I get tired. So I have to make an effort to eat enough. That's where I think WW will really help me right now. By counting points I think will help me eat more then I have been. I'm excited.

At school it's getting close to graduation and it's amazing how close I've grown to those kids in a few short months. If you had asked me a year ago if I wanted to hang out with teenagers all day, I would have laughed in your face. Now I enjoy it. Go figure. They all have such great plans after graduation. Some have gotten full scholarships to some really awesome universities. Others are going to Annapolis or the Air Force Academy. It's so great to see all these smart, ambitious people. Awesome. One girl's parents gave her a trip for a present so she was looking into Las Vegas hotels and trying to talk her friends into coming. It's so great to see young people so excited about life and the future. I think I'm going to like being a teacher.

14 May 2009

Maybe I just needed to take it outside...

The weather here has been spectacular the last week or so. This fine weather is what put me in the mind to swim in the ocean again. I don't like the ocean when it's very,very,very cold. I'm a warm weather ocean swimmer. If I owned one I would wear a wetsuit in the winter no matter how stupid I looked.

Thursdays are the days I'm done by 9:15. In. The. Morning. 9:15. Woo. Hoo. It was so gorgeous this morning I decided to not only go for a swim on the way home but to also do one of my favorite runs, the Lanikai Loop.

It's a beautiful, slightly hilly, 3 mile loop that passes lots of million dollar homes. It's really nice. So I walked that and it felt so good I ended up doing two run intervals. Yea me!!!

Then it was back to the car and into my suit. The ocean beckoned. I swam the entire length of Kailua Beach swim area (if you look closely in the water to the left of the Lanikai Loop there is a green line in the water, that's where I swam).

No turtles today but an absolutely beautiful way to kill an hour or so.

13 May 2009

I'm Done

I'm really tired of trying to analyze everything and figure out the best thing that works for me. I was looking back over the last year or so and I've done a lot of thinking and analyzing but little being healthy. So that's it, I'm done. I'm going back to Weight Watchers this weekend and I'm going to do workouts that I love. That's it. I'm going to start running again. I'm busting the bike out. I'd like to run a half marathon in September I think. There's a 10k on July 4th I'd like to do. There is also the Tinman triathlon in July, I'd like to do just for fun. So I think that's what I'm going to do. Just focus on being active, follow WW, and stop analyzing things. I am so done.

12 May 2009

If you don't go further then you think you can,

you won't see the turtles.

On my way home today I stopped to swim at Kailua Beach. I missed this last week because I had a bunch of nonsense stuff to do, but today was so beautiful I couldn't pass up the chance to get in the water. The water is still kind of chilly since we've only had a week or so of nice weather. By mid July the water will be like a bathtub and unbearable to swim in unless you go to the deeper parts. Anyway, I got to where I usually turn around, the 3rd buoy, and decided to go one more. I wasn't in any kind of a hurry. The water was nice. The weather was perfect so why not take advantage. So I headed off to the 4th buoy. When I got there I stopped to tread water and take a little break before heading back. That was when I saw him. About 6 feet in front of me was a green sea turtle just floating on the water. His head came up every couple of minutes for a breath but otherwise he was just floating along enjoying the water and the weather too. It was cool. I haven't see a sea turtle in about 3 years so it was extra special. But if I had not decided to go further then normal I never would have seen him.

11 May 2009

A little accountability

So the past few days have been insane. I was at the Pet Expo all weekend and before that I was running around trying to get things situated for it. I have not worked out or eaten right in 6 days. I feel like cr*p!!! So, in order to be accountable I've decided to document the past couple of days here so I can remember.

Friday: No exercise
Starbucks for breakfast
Protein Pack for lunch
Bratwurst and potato pancakes for dinner

Saturday: No exercise
McDonald's sausage mcmuffin with egg for breakfast
Hot Dog for lunch
Lots of little mini muffins
Fried rice and chicken for dinner
More mini muffins

Sunday: No exercise
Starbucks for breakfast
Hot Dog for lunch
Yet more mini muffins
Prime rib, roasted potatoes, chicken, veggies for dinner (this is not as good as it sounds)
Cheesecake, apple cobbler, cake until I was sick (luckily that didn't take long)

Monday: too much time spend in the bathroom.

(What really gets me is there are some people who would consider that a normal menu and not understand why I feel so horrible).

I had planned on working out this morning but I have spent way too much time going to the bathroom due to all the crap I ate this weekend so. So in an effort to purge myself, I will be fasting until dinner tonight and drinking copious amounts of water. That will give my body a chance to regroup and regain some equilibrium. Then for dinner I will have a nice salad and some protein and that's all. I will probably exercise when I get home around noon providing I'm still not back and forth to the toilet. Either that or I'll play with the dogs for a while, that should burn a few calories and get me moving. Then tomorrow I can get right back into it, working out and eating right. Wow, it's amazing how crappy I feel.

Tonight starts my first summer class. It's going to be tough. Grad school is tough anyway and then to cram a class into 5 weeks - Yowza!!! I'll be working my butt off. Luckily I probably won't be working so I'll have the time to devote to school.

Alright, that's enough for now. If I'm not going to workout I need to get things ready for work. I'm off.....

10 May 2009

What a freaking weekend......

I've been incredibly busy since Thursday getting toys ready, picking up foster dogs, refereeing between Rocco and the fosters, driving all over God's green earth for this ridiculous Pet Expo. Then yesterday I was there all day in the blazing heat. Yes, the hall has a/c but there are millions of billions of people and the doors are open and you get the idea. It was hot and tiring and I do not want to go today though I must.

So basically I've gotten no exercise, my eating has been absolute crap; McDonald's for breakfast and a hot dog for lunch; and I've probably sweated away a ton of weight. Ugh!!!! Today is the final day, yea!!!! Then tomorrow I start my first summer course. Over the next 15 weeks I will be taking 13 grad school credits. That is completely and totally insane. Completely!!! If I have time to eat it will be a bloody miracle. I will probably have to institute a number of alarm systems to keep me on task. This is going to be brutal.

Right now, I have to run. Time to get ready for the Expo.

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