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I have been on this computer

most of the day. I did take a break to go to the expo and pick up my packet. We also went to lunch at Chili's. Otherwise, I have been here most of the day.

I have just become a blogging fool. I've posted on all my blogs. I've changed templates and finally got ones I adore. I've signed up my various blogs at networking sites. Whew.... I've been busy. I feel as if I've been on some sort of mental treadmill, I've done so much and learned so much today.

Not to make anyone jealous, but if you want to see what it was like in Hawaii today, head over to Flo's Place. But be warned, it just might make you crazy, especially if you live in snow country.

Now, I'm getting away from this computer for the rest of the night. Hubby had something to do, so he's gone. I think I'm going to either watch some mindless TV or read a really trashy book. Anything but sit here at this time sucking machine :)

Yet another blog

I've started another blog about my animals. There are so many animals in my life and more to come, that there are always things going on with them. So rather than bore you folks with tails (ha ha) of my animal exploits, I've created another blog to keep track of all this stuff. I'm looking at getting a new bird and breeding the ones I have so it will be getting very interesting around here soon. So if you're interested feel free to stop by, Feathers, Fur, and Fins. The links for all my other blogs can be found up top just below the flowers.

It was a very good week

After last week, where I just couldn't seem to get it together, and the week before, that I took off because I was burnt out, I was really just looking for consistency this week. I wanted to get back into the groove and the routine of exercising. And I did that. I got my 3 swims in, my 2 runs, and my 3 strength training sessions. I'm very happy.

Today I'm going for a bike ride. I'm also going to the Great Aloha Run Expo. This is a huge race and they have a very nice expo. This year Dr. Nicholas Romanov is here and is going to teach the Pose Running Method. I'm hoping I make that session. There will also be lots of great deals as all the local running places show up. It's interesting that this expo attracts all the local places while the Honolulu Marathon Expo is ruled by Nike and the mainland companies.. Interesting. Also, this one is 3 days, the Marathon one is a week long. I'm sure that's part of the difference. Of course, some mainland comp…

I can be such a dork

Leaving my house on every run I have a choice, right or left. If it's still dark out I go left towards the main street. When I hit the main street I have a choice, left or right. I usually go right. I don't know exactly why, but I do. As I was running along this morning I was thinking about this and wondering why I always go the same way. I was thinking to myself how I know every little crack and bump in the path this way. I know this way so well I could probably do it with my eyes closed. As I was finishing this thought I found myself sitting on the ground. Turns out I missed the bump where the concrete sidewalk meets the asphalt path. Guess I don't know this way as good as I though :)

That's it for running until my race on Monday. I'll swim tomorrow and probably ride my bike on Saturday, but Sunday is a total rest day and Monday at 7:00am is the big race. As I was running this morning, watching my footing, I came up with a goal. Last year I did this …

Oh!!! I am so excited!!!!

I love this template!!! Love!!! It!!! I've been looking around and found this one tonight. I am so pleased with it I can't stand it. I will tweak it until it's perfect but it's darn close. Sometimes I'm glad I'm so anal and picky :)

I've been working on my race schedule....

I put the one on the sidebar together when I just started running again and was so excited to be running I wanted to do them all. Now that reality has settled in and I realized how much all those races would cost take out of me, I've come to my senses. So I was bored at work today and just happened to have the new copy of Hawaii Sport which lists all our local races and has entry forms as well as some great articles and training advise.

So here's what I'm thinking:

- February 18th Great Aloha Run
- March 2nd Straub Women's 10k
- March 9th Johnny Faerber 10k
- April 5th Ford Island Bridge 10k
- April 13th Lanikai Sprint Triathlon
- April 27th Haleiwa Metric Century
- May 18th Honolulu Olympic Triathlon

As you can see I'm a little heavy on the 10k's but that's the distance being run this early in the season and this is a distance I really need to work on. Once summer hits there are more 1/2 marathons which I want to do a couple of.

So that's what I'm looki…

Running on empty

literally. Today I'm trying the fasting thing again. And I ran this morning. And it was not big deal. Of course, I only ran for 20 minutes. I'm 'tapering' for Monday's race. It was fine. I did not take the Garmin or the iPod today. Nothing but my watch and it was nice. Just running. Enjoying the morning. It was probably 72F before the sun came up. Everything smelled wonderful. It reminded me of spring, which will be here soon. So it was a great run.
I've gotten into the habit of negative splits. Seems all my runs lately are faster on the return. I wonder why? I'm not trying to do that specifically, but it's a good thing.

Alright, I have got to get my butt to work.

It's early

I'm getting ready to go for my run. I was just looking at the blog and I don't like it. The colors are too blah!! I'm going to search around for a better template. Blogger should offer more, there are so many blogs now. Anyway, time to go running.

New Look

So now I'm tinkering with a new look for the blog. I kind of like this one. I'll leave it for a day or so and see if it grows on me.

New name

My blog has a new domain name. I've made the leap and purchased my own domain name before someone else stole it. It's now, Blogger will redirect the blogspot domain to the new one but eventually that will probably go away to. I'm very excited about the new name :)

Time to get serious

So I'm firmly convinced that part of my malaise the last week or so has been the lack of a solid training plan. One week from today I have the Great Aloha Run, which I am basically ready for. I went to their website to look up my results for last year and they are not there?!?!?!?! I know I did the race I have the race report in my blog. I have the finishers shirt. I have the card they send with your results. I have my number. I even have a finisher's photo hanging on my wall. So why am I not in their databank?? Who knows.

My next race is the Lanikai triathlon on April 13th. That's a sprint and the swim can be a little rough depending on the wind that day. But after that is the Honolulu Triathlon which is an Olympic distance. I've set my goals for the Honolulu and am using Lanikai as a training race. So I've worked out a training plan that has me actually accomplishing something each workout. Yea!! A Goal!!!

This morning was swimming and it was a dista…

Not sure what happened this week

but I've decided that it ends today. I did not get up and go to cycling this morning. Today is Pro Bowl and Hubby and guests were up and gone really early to get parking. I'm guessing I turned the alarm off because when I woke up it was way too late. Oh well, that's okay. I've got stuff to do around here before the parrot club so I'll do that instead.

But whatever overall lethargy has overtaken me ends today. I've been reading some blogs and it kind of seems that a lot of people have felt this. Maybe it's the ongoing winter, we've been getting rain everyday and that gets so old after a while, not to mention being generally overcast and grey out. I'm thinking that's part of it. Not having a real training plan is probably another part of it. I just need to focus on my goals, get a training plan in place and execute it.

That's what I'm going to do today. I did some internet research the other day and got some decent training plans…