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Moving on my mind

I've had moving on my mind a lot recently. A. Lot. We live in Hawaii and while it's beautiful and all, it's very expensive and we are very, very far from family. As we get older all these things start to become serious considerations. I've developed a tentative time-line in my head. It's about 5 years. In 5 years we sell this place, move to the mainland where we can buy land, and settle down for a semi-retirement. I want to run a kennel and have lots of animals. Well, not lots but more. I look at 5 years for a number of reasons. 1) our house should have gone up significantly in value and the mortgage down. 2) Axl and Lola will be nearing the end of their lives, I don't want to move old dogs, but Bella will only be 7ish. 3) I will have convinced Hubby by then :). He is weird. He wants to move but doesn't want to move. All I can say is that, it's really the next thing on my agenda. I will have finished my Ph.D. by then and should be able to get a job p…

Break time

This week has been fall break. A much needed respite in the middle of the semester. People who don't teach have no idea how draining it is. Not only are you "on stage" for 5 hours a day or so, you have to deal with a thousand questions being thrown at you simultaneously all during those 5 hours. Then you have to prep for hours and hours to make those 5 hours look easy....It's a never ending, draining cycle. So a week off is awesome.

Let's add to that mix, two classes towards my Ph.D. UGH!!! The amount of work for those classes are pretty daunting. Reading and thinking about things outside my realm of experience. Ugh.

The good news is that Crossfit is starting to pick up again. I went through a period where I questioned whether Crossfit was for me, I also had a number of injuries, and for the last couple of weeks my knee has been swollen. There is no real pain, just swelling which makes it difficult to walk and such. That has been scaring me, though the fact t…