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Tonight in Hawaii

This is what the night sky looks like in Hawaii tonight. This is what all the Ironfolks are running under. Not too bad.

I'm supposed to be getting my things organized for my 30k tomorrow. Instead I'm out back taking pictures, reading blogs, updating my blog, anything but what I should be doing.

Well, I better get going. 3:00am is going to come really, really early....

This is what I found on my beach this morning.

A sea turtle snoozing on my beach, how cool is that???

Wow, tomorrow is the big day.

I've been reading all the posts from the folks in Kona. It sounds awesome, I hope everyone has a fantastic race tomorrow and all come through it unscathed. Reading these though has produced a bit of envy in me. I'm thinking maybe it's time to set my sights on an Ironman. Maybe I'll do Ironman Florida in 2007 (or 2008), afterall it is supposed to be the easiest Ironman and I have a friend who lives not 10 miles away. I don't know that I could do an Ironman distance but I guess I won't know until I try, huh??? Well, it's something to think about.

I just want to wish all the Kona triatheletes a great race tomorrow. Hopefully the rain will hold off till Sunday and the winds going into Hawi will be gentle. GOOD LUCK ALL!!!

Things are definetly looking up!!

God, do I feel good. I've been following my exercise plan; I've rejoined weight watchers and am really watching my food intake, and all these things are starting to pay off. Thursday is usually my toughest morning. I have the worse time getting out of bed on Thursdays. But this morning I got up with only a little procrastination and got to exercising - Yeah!!!! I've discovered too (for the millionth time) that eating less requires less sleep. That's something I've always found slightly odd. When I get hungry I get tired and start yawning indicating that the body needs some fuel or it's going to shut down. Yet, when I overeat I tend to sleep more. Too little food == sleep. Too much food = sleep. Bizarre.

I awoke this morning with this song running through my head:

I was supposed to have been a Jesuit priest or a Naval Academy grad That was the way that my parents perceived me Those were the plans that they had Though I couldn't fit the part too dumb or t…

Let's get physical, physical.....

Well things are definetly looking up! I have been following my exercise plan for 3 days now and feel just awesome!! It's amazing how a little activity changes your outlook on life...

Last night was marathon training and it was great. I ran about 12 minute miles and felt just wonderful. In talking to some of the other people last night, they thought Saturday's run was really slow also. So it wasn't just me; I knew it was slow.

I'm following that Core Performance program and really like it. It takes about 1/2 hour and I work up quite a sweat. I like that it focuses on core strength and movements that are much more real world and not just biceps curls or squats or whatever.....

What else..... Not much. I have got to get back into Weight Watchers and I think I'm going to go tonight. I used to go on Saturday mornings but with marathon training taking up my Saturdays for the next 8 weeks or so that won't work. I figured I'd go to the Tuesday night meeting …

What if the hokey pokey is really what it's all about???

And all our worrying and planning and plotting is for nothing? Whatever's going to happen is going to happen???

This is not as deep and profound as it sounds. I've spent a couple of weeks trying to fight a descending lethargy and to have it beat me down again and again. The other day I finally gave into it and just let it happen and quit fighting. Well, I think the worst is over. I'm back and I'm ready to really get going again.

I had my marathon training yesterday; it was our LSD. We did 9 miles in 2.5 hours. I have a goal for the marathon and I think I'm ready now to try and achieve it. Yesterday we were going incredibly slow and I was starting to get a little frustrated. Towards the end the side calf muscle on my bad ankle leg was starting to cramp up and I really believe it was due to the unbelieveably slow pace. I realize that the leader of this group is a runner who trained under Bob Bowerman and has been running forever and really knows his stuff but…