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Speaking of technology

I've used PKWARE for years. These are the folks who make zip. I'm sure everyone has unzipped or zipped a file of some sort. I know most of my downloads are zipped. That makes the download so much faster. If you tried to download the original file you would be days waiting for it to complete, even with a high speed connection. Not to mention security!! I just spent hours trying to get my wireless network secure. I won't want to put everything at risk by sending an unprotected file. With PKWARE's new software, Secure ZIP express, you can compress a file and encrypt it so that only the person it was intended for can open it. Very good idea!!!

Well, the nice folks at PKWARE are having a contest, Decrypt and Drive. You can win a Honda Scooter, a Nintendo Wii, Fuji bikes, gift cards. Sounds like a great contest. If you go to the site,, you can enter to win the Honda Scooter. But if you download SecureZip Express, there is a public key in …

Technology!! I hets it!!!

I swear technology will be the thing that causes me to a) drink, b) go on a shooting rampage, or c) kill myself. It is annoying and frustrating and insanity causing. Maybe I should explain.

I got my laptop today. FedEx tracking kept telling me it would be delivered on Oct 8th. So they tried to deliver it yesterday!! I of course wasn't home and had made no arrangements with my nice neighbors since I had no clue it was coming yesterday. I hets FedEx!!! Luckily the local FedEx office is open on Saturdays for pick ups, so I went and got it this afternoon. Since the entire purpose of this thing is to free me up from the computer room, I needed to get a wireless router. A quick stop at Office Max took care of that and the gentlemen explained enough so that I was comfortable buying the one I did. All good so far.

I got home 2 and 1/2 hours ago and went to work charging the laptop and setting the router up. I just got it running about 10 minutes ago. I could not get the security…

Frozen Yogurt, it's not just for breakfast anymore

For the last 4 days I have felt like the Goodyear blimp and I'm not sure why. I hate when I get this feeling, especially when I've done nothing to bring it on (at least I think I haven't). I know my water intake is down a little, but it's 2L instead of 3L. Could that make that much of a difference?? And on Thursday my eating was screwy, but yesterday I made a point to eat good, whole food at regular intervals. That didn't help. Ugh!!! I'm not sure what to do to get rid of this feeling. Oh well, I guess I'll just keep eating right, drinking water, and working out and hopefully this too shall pass.

The Bodybugg continues to provide a whole lot of fun, interesting facts. I know how many calories I burn at rest. When I'm walking. When I'm working out. When I'm eating. It's big fun. Yesterday I managed to create a deficit between calories burned and calories eaten. Not as big a one as I wanted, but a deficit none the less. Actually, …

Bodybugg Day 1

I'm sorry if I become annoying with this thing. After a couple of days the novelty will wear off and I'll just be my regular annoying self :)

So yesterday I wore the bugg all day and logged all my food. I should state upfront that it was not a normal day. My eating was terrible and sporadic.

This is the information you get. How cool is that??? It shows how many calories I burned, how many I consumed and the deficit/surplus. As you can see yesterday was a surplus. I love the little graph at the bottom. That actually tells me how many calories I burn per minute doing things. Also, most of those little spikes you see in the graph are when I was eating something. Except for that big spike early in the morning, that was when I was exercising. Anyway, it's all pretty cool. So yesterday I had a 435 calorie surplus. I'm hoping to change that today although I did not workout this morning. Yesterday and today are kind of intentional. I want to see what a typical da…

The Bodybugg has arrived....

let the calorie counting begin. I'm very excited. I sat tonight and got it all set up. I can't wait to see what I learn from it. Their website is a little awkward to navigate and they don't support Firefox :( But other than that it's all good. I set my diet preferences. I set my weight goal and weekly weight loss. I'm very excited, did I say that?? Anyway, I'll keep you posted on how it goes. I'm very excited :)

I have to find the balance

between sleep and life. It appears that graduate school students run in a constant state of tiredness. Everyone in class last night was talking about how tired they are. Good, I'm not alone. There has to be a balance I'm just not finding it. Maybe there isn't. Maybe it will be this way for as long as I'm in class. Luckily the semester is only 12ish weeks and we are almost halfway through it :)

I had class last night so I didn't get up this morning. I'm trying to work my off days as the days I just can't get up. It's funny that I wake up pretty much without an alarm. On mornings when I don't have school the night before, I wake before the alarm goes off so I'm half awake when it's time to get up. On days when I had class the night before I don't wake before the alarm and I barely hear the alarm. That tells me I need sleep more then I need exercise. Oh well, 7 more weeks and then I'm pau.

I was talking to an acquaintance yes…

The final piece of the puzzle??

Okay, this post encompasses a couple of topics that are all tied together. Let's see if I can make it work.

The new season of the Biggest Loser started 2 weeks ago now - yikes!! Anyway, I recorded it and finally got a chance to watch the 2 episodes over the weekend. I love this show. I think it is so inspirational and it really motivates me to move. I do wonder though about some of these people. Bob surprised one couple at a donut shop. These people are overweight, moaning about how they need to lose weight and get healthy and they are in a donut shop ordering a couple of donuts each?!?!?!? If you want to lose weight that badly, start by getting your butts out of the donut shop. Okay, rant over. In spite of that, I like the show. A. Lot....

One of the tools they use on the show is the Body Bugg. I've been interested in the Body Bugg for about 4 years. A health researcher at UH was involved in developing this and a private gym here was involved in the beta testing. I …

Whole Foods

On Sept. 10th Hawaii's very first Whole Foods opened. Every weekend since then I've been driving past wanting to go inside. The parking lot has been so crowded I haven't stopped. Yesterday we turned into the parking lot and it was over half empty. Yea!!! I finally get a chance to go to Whole Foods.

I've been to Whole Foods on the mainland so I knew what it was like, but having one here in Hawaii is different. It's very exciting. I was able to purchase a couple of items that are incredibly hard to find here, Greek yogurt and ground buffalo meat. I really wanted to buy a buffalo steak but Hubby was freaking out at the $22/lb price. Of course, it's just the 2 of us so we don't need a huge one. But I got ground buffalo meat. Hopefully he'll like it and want to try the steak.

Anyway, the store is huge and amazing and expensive. I think we spent about an hour in there just roaming the aisles. I bought a couple of things, the above mentioned buff…