23 May 2008

I love long weekends....

I am so looking forward to this weekend - you have no idea exactly how much. Not that I have any big plans, I just need some time to myself without being sick. I feel like I lost last weekend because I was sick all weekend. Over the next 3 days I want to get some spring cleaning done. I need to clean out my pantry, god knows whats all in there. I need to clean up the studio, it has totally gotten out of control. I need to clean my computer room/bird room - it's getting crowded in there. I need to go to the pet store to get some dishes for the new bird. I need to clean and restock Sammy's cage with branches. I need to scrub the living room floor. I want to go through all my clothes and get rid of those that I don't wear anymore. I also want to list some stuff on Craigslist and get it out of my house. I'm in the mood to clean, purge, and lighten up. I can't wait.

There's been no workouts the last 2 days. Swimming on Wednesday really wiped me out, plus my nose has been excessively stuffy since then. Tomorrow it really starts in earnest. I'll have 3 days to get some good activity in and I plan on taking advantage of it. I'm going to do my scheduled workouts plus I'm going hiking and possibly an ocean swim early one morning. I'm really looking forward to it.

Tomorrow I also return to Weight Watchers. I haven't been there in 2 years, it was around this time in 2006 that I quit going. I tell myself that I know the program, I don't need to go to the meetings, I can do it on my own. But the truth is there is something about going to the meetings that helps a lot. So I'm going to give it another shot. A little accountability is a good thing. On my training plan is a 25 mile bike ride and I will start it by riding to my meeting.

So yeah, I'm going to use the weekend to clean up, regroup, refocus, and shake this cold completely. I'm looking forward to it. Hope you all have a great long weekend.

21 May 2008

Pool Thoughts

So I was back in the pool this morning. Last week Wednesday I returned after a month off and promptly got deathly ill. So a week later and I'm going to try it again. Before I tell about my swim though, here are some thoughts that randomly floated through my head while swimming.

How come during the winter when it's cold and dark at 6 am the pool is packed with people, but now that it's light and beautiful at 6 am there's no one there?? I don't get it.

I can swim faster than the girl in the next lane when she's using fins. Hmmm... Course it could be cuz her legs are so far down in the water her fin tips hit the bottom in the shallow end.... Weird...

The lifeguard is young - 20ish - and a pretty good looking guy. I bet when he became a lifeguard he was thinking about young girls with hot bodies in bikinis. I'm pretty sure he wasn't dreaming of old ladies with grey hair and skirts on their suits.

On with the swim. I was supposed to do 2200 m, 4 x 5o warm up; 4 x100 @ 80%; 1 x 1000 @ 65%; 4 x 100 @ 70%; 4 x 50 cool down. Sounded pretty simple, nothing too complicated. Except that I haven't swam in a week and I'm still coughing and blowing my nose - a lot!!!

I take off for the warm up and I'm feeling pretty good. I did some drills, finger drag, catch-up, etc. It was easy and fun and I was ready to rock. I take off for my first 100 and realize that a slightly stuffy nose and a cough do not make for good breathing while swimming. I finished my first 100 and was panting like a dog. I slowed down for the 2nd 100 but still was out of breath when I stopped. The 3rd and 4th went the same way. I took a little break and headed out for my 1000. Ummmm.....yeah.....not so much. I got to 500 and was completely and totally spent. I literally could not lift my arms anymore, but my breathing at that point was fine. I wisely decided not to kill myself and called it a day. So my 2200 turned out to be 1150. Oh well, such is life. There is always Friday. Hopefully things will be better by then or I may have to look into some bodybuilding supplements :) I also have to get a short run in today. Not sure when I'm going to do that, at lunch or after work. Have to see how I feel.

20 May 2008

I'm trapped in the 70's

and I can't get out.

Okay, it's not my clothes, it's my music. My favorite music is classic rock and all the music on my iPod is from the 70's and 80's. I've decided it's time to move into the 21st century. I'm on a music quest. What do you guys listen to?? I'm open to all suggestions. I really don't know any of the artists today, well I know a few but not many. I'll take any help anyone can offer. What's some good workout music that's not older than most of you readers :) Any music input would be greatly appreciated.

Now, the workouts. I got up this morning determined to workout. On the schedule was a bike ride. I debated actually taking my bike out but I'm still just a little light-headed at times and there were some serious rain clouds hanging around. I decided to hop on the stationary bike, and that was a good choice. I rode for an hour but it was tough. I got sweaty, not normal workout sweaty but sick like sweaty, and I did get light headed a couple of times. I was very glad I decided not to ride on the road. But I did it and I felt pretty good and I'm happy. Tomorrow, we swim.

19 May 2008

Getting my groove back

Well, I went back to work today and I lived through it. The animals weren't happy that I returned to work, they like having me around even if I am sleeping :) I'm actually feeling pretty darn good and I think by tomorrow or the next day I'll be back to full strength.

After laying around for 4 days I really felt fat and lazy. I stepped on the scale this morning. I probably shouldn't have done that but I thought since I hardly ate in 4 days it shouldn't be too bad. I thought wrong. I was seriously depressed with the number that came up. It's just this side of humongous!!! But it's got me inspired. More inspired then last weeks number did. Yes, it was higher after not eating. UGH!!!!!!

So today I started logging every single bite that enters my mouth. Everything. Even those 3 pistachios I had when I got home. I have got to get a handle on my eating. I know that's where it's falling apart. I also know that I'm not aware of something and by writing it all down I should be able to figure out what I'm 'forgetting'. Also, there is still something I eat that doesn't like me. This will be a good way to find out exactly what it is. I carry a book with me to write everything in and then I've made a spread sheet to log it all into so I can see the big picture. What a pain in the a**!!! But it is something that must be done. Everyday!!!!

Okay, that's my whining for today. Oh that and this crazy lady that kept calling the lab today. She insisted that we test some blood for something. I kept telling her we were a water testing lab and she needed to call a clinical laboratory service, they could help her. Not being completely well I have zero patience with rude people.

Tomorrow morning I will exercise.....

18 May 2008

The best laid plans.....

I had every intention of getting up this morning and doing something. When I woke this morning though I knew I wouldn't be doing anything. Oh well.

I got my training plan and I missed the first few days due to being sick. Tomorrow is a scheduled rest day and then it starts again on Tuesday. I think I'll just wait till Tuesday and start things up from there. Oh well... Life goes on....

Right now we are heading to the mall. I'm getting cabin fever and we need to look for a gift for a friend. I'm thinking of a wine rack put we'll see. It all depends on how long I can walk around the mall. So that's the latest from illness central :)

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