29 October 2011

Up, up, and away

Today was weigh-in day and I was up. Granted it was only .2 lbs but I was up. I was bummed. Still am a little. But not in a bad way. During the meeting I thought about why this could be. I'm feeling really good so why would the scale be showing a gain. Looking back at my tracker I see that I only fully tracked 4 days. Of those 4 days, I went over my points every single day. My points were 33,35,38,33 when my points target is 29. At that rate I would have used 245 for the week. I get 29 a day plus 49 weekly for a total of 252 points a week. Now, taking into account that serving sizes are not set in stone and calories, therefore points, can vary form one serving to the next, also, the fact that on the days I did not track I tended to eat more - sometime way more, I should be incredibly thankful that the scale only went up .2 lbs. In spite of my working out I overdid it this week. Okay, lesson learned. Tracking. Tracking. Tracking.

So, while I'm bummed about that .2 lbs, I am also much more motivated to get my butt in gear and lose some weight. On the plus side, I am feeling good. I can feel my energy increasing and I like that. So in spite of myself, good things are happening.

I want to do this week really well. I want to track every day, stay within my points, workout and see what happens. Wish me luck.

27 October 2011

Keeping the momentum going

I am so proud of myself. I did not work out on Wednesday but I have more than made up for that yesterday and today. The workouts I had scheduled yesterday were going to take 50 minutes. I usually get up at 4:30 and am working out by 5:00. But I need to be done by 5:40 at the latest in order to get the birds fed, showered, and dressed. 50 minutes in a 40 minute time slot just did not cut it. So I thought about what I could do to make it work and I figured it out. My alarm clock is a few minutes fast and I made sure I got up as soon as it went off. That gave me about 5 more minutes. Then I had set the coffee pot the night before so the coffee was ready when I got up. I also put my workout clothes on as soon as I got up. Definitely a time saver. So I got up, got my coffee and was ready to workout within 15 minutes. Perfect. That gave me 55 minutes to work out. So I did my workout, felt awesome and went on to have a great day. Then I did the same thing this morning. Yeah Me!!!!

In other news, I figured out what is going on with my neck. The other day one side got real sore and I could not figure out why. It cleared up and was fine for a couple of days. Then this morning I was working out and it was ab day. As soon as I started the abs my neck started hurting. Oh, great, I get it. My abs are such a weak mess that doing ab work hurts my neck. Okay. I modified all the exercises so that my neck had no strain and I focused very hard on using only my ab muscles. Knowledge is power and now that I know I can adjust and work on making my abs stronger. Very good.

Okay, that's it. I'm really feeling great. It is amazing how working out and eating well makes such a difference in me. I feel my energy increasing. I'm happier and much more positive. I am functioning at a much higher level. I was sitting in class today and looked out to see everyone working hard on mastering a skill. It was inspiring to see and I know a large part of it was my attitude. So yeah, things are going really well and I'm feeling awesome. Love it!!!!

25 October 2011

MIssed step this week

This morning I ended up taking the day off work. I didn't really want to but I would have needed to take some time off and the whole day seemed the easiest option really. I was scheduled for a workout but I woke up and sat around for awhile. Then I got hungry. I ate and had every intention of working out later in the day. Then I got to working on other things. And it got late. And hot. And there went my workout right out the window. Now worries though, I was supposed to have a day off on Thursday so I'll just swap today with Thursday and workout the rest of the week. Easy peasy lemon squeezee. So just a misstep not a fall at all.

In my defense, I got a lot of school work done. I had given a test yesterday and it took me about 4 hours to get them all graded so that was a good thing. I also got tomorrow figured out what I'm doing to try and teach them what they should have known for the test. So it was a productive day.

Okay, tomorrow it's back on the horse tomorrow and back to the business of working out.

23 October 2011

Pain in the neck

I slept really good last night and woke up early this morning, wide awake and ready to go. So even though I didn't need to, I got up early. Going around doing the morning things, making coffee, feeding the birds, etc. I felt fine. Then we decided to walk the dogs and my neck started to hurt. I don't think I did anything to twist it while I was getting ready but something happened and it bothered me. It didn't bother me enough to stop me from working out though :) I'm on a feel good roll and I plan on staying there for a long, long time.

So I worked out for 45 minutes this morning after a 45 minute dog walk Yea me!!! I did Turbo Jam Cardio Party and it was tough. Really. Tough. But I got through it and ended up a giant pool of sweat - it was awesome!!!

I want to talk about Weight Watchers for a few minutes. I know myself, and I know that I can get sucked into the numbers game once I start losing weight. I can become completely obsessive about the numbers be they points, calories, pounds, whatever. So I want to keep things in perspective. I started WW on Wednesday and have tracked every day. I really haven't changed my eating all that much, maybe thought twice about desserts, but that's about it. What has changed drastically is the amount of food I eat. I started measuring and weighing my food again. Wow!! I am eating considerably less food while still feeling satisfied. And I have lost that huge stomach feeling that I used to always have. It used to be that every time I ate I would feel huge and bloated. My stomach would stick out and it felt like something that was separate from my body but attached to it. It was a horrible feeling. I couldn't sit in a chair because this huge thing would be on my lap. I was always semi-reclining. Well, in just 4 short days of measuring food I no longer feel 8 months pregnant. I still have a stomach - that's going to take work - but I can actually suck it in. Right now I am sitting at my desk with my feet on my desk and my keyboard on my knees. And my stomach is not in the way like it would have been on Tuesday. Awesome. My points target is 29 and I've been over every day:

Wednesday 33
Thursday 36
Friday 45
Saturday 31

And I'm still feeling awesome. So when things get crazy and I start to obsess about numbers of any kind, I have to remember how I felt before and I started and how I feel now. That's way more important than any number.

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