30 December 2006

I think I'm going to the dark side.

I have a secret blog that I keep where I put all the stuff that would scare you if you read it :)
On that blog I switched over to beta a while ago. I've gotten used to it and think I may actually like it better. I'm thinking for the new year I'll switch this one too. I'm still thinking.

I've very excited about today. Sports Authority was having a big 2-day sale and in the newspaper were coupons for even more discounts. I've been looking for a small weight bench since I'm really getting into the weight training stuff. So I went there to look. I found a perfect one. It's not huge, adjustable to sit, lay flat, or decline, and it's light and folds up for easy storage. Perfect. It was on sale for $89.99 and my coupon for $15.00 made it even cheaper. I took this tiny studio that's attached to the house and turned it into a workout room. I've got my elliptical, my bike and trainer, my weight bench and weights, and a tv and dvd player for workouts. I'm very excited to use it tomorrow morning.

Hubby has also been looking for new golf clubs. So while at Sports Authority we looked at the clubs. There's this one particular set he's been eyeing for months but they are a little pricey. So we look at them today, they are $100.00 off plus an additional 30% will be taken off. We had another coupon for $25.00 off and he used that. He ended up getting like $200.00 off these clubs and he is so excited he can't stand it. I'm really excited for him. He's the type of guy who won't buy things for himself. We have looked at those clubs a hundred times and I've tried to talk him into buying them but he just wouldn't. Now I'm glad he didn't, of course. He plays golf at least once a week so it's not like he won't use them. I'm happy for him. And me :)

Well, the fireworks have begun so the drugging of the dogs will continue until the wee hours of Monday morning. I will be glad when this holiday is over.

Yet another small rant.

I am not, repeat, not going to even touch on the execution of Saddam. Suffice it to say that I do believe in the death penalty, and I do believe that man needed to die, and I understand the sooner the better attitude, I do think we could have learned a lot from him if we kept him around a little bit longer. But, that was not our decision. The Iraqi court convicted him and it was up to the Iraqis when he died. 'Nuff said.

What I do need to rant about is the wonderful, state that I live in. In Hawaii fireworks are legal. They sell them in the grocery store. It is very common for people to spend hundreds of dollars on fireworks for New Year's Eve. Now, we hear all year long how expensive it is to live in Hawaii. How parents have to work 2 jobs and never have any time to spend with their kids. How there are 250,000 living at or below the poverty level. Yet these people manage to find the money to spend on fireworks every year.

Not only that, we hear constantly how important children are. Things have to be safe for the children. We have to consider the children. Blah, blah, blah....... Yet these same people allow said children to play with gunpowder!!! Does this make sense to anyone????

Every single year we have a couple of major injuries due to fireworks, sometimes even deaths. Yet it continues. Huh????? Every police officer and every firefighter is on duty that night because there are so many calls.

On November 16th a law went into effect here in Hawaii. You can not smoke in any public place or within 20 feet of a doorway. This essentially makes all indoor areas smoke free - yea!!!! We heard how horrible 2nd hand smoke is. Yet, on New Years Eve you literally can not see your hand in front of your face due to the smoke. They have to open movie theaters to people with serious lung conditions because of the smoke. If you have asthma, forget about it, you'll be in agony all night. Then there's the trash. On New Year's Day the streets are covered an inch deep in firework trash. It's horrible.

So you may think I'm ranting about this just because I believe it's wrong, which I do, but there's more. The fireworks drive my dogs crazy. I have to start giving them valium in the afternoon and pretty much keep them doped up all night so they don't lose their minds (or I lose mine from listening to them).

While there are many things that piss me off about Hawaii, this is one thing that I absolutely HATE!!! If I had the power to change 1 thing, it would be this. Fireworks would be illegal this afternoon.

Okay, that's all I have to say on that.

I will be posting a really good post later today or tomorrow. I've been reading some amazing articles on motivation and how to reach your goals and I think I have a real solid plan for 2007. It's exciting and scary. So, until later.

28 December 2006

Just a quick note.

So I don't forget.

Two things:

I'm thinking my theme for this year will be "NO EXCUSES" that fits in with my just do it mindset that I'm working on. I am a big procrastinator and this will fit not only my fitness but also some personal issues I'm working on. So that's a serious contender.

2nd, I just read this great article (that I can't get back to so I'll link later) about motivation. The thing I took from it was that pain motivates much better than pleasure. So instead of focusing on all the positive aspects of eating right/ working out, I'm going to set myself a deadline and think of something "painful" to do if I fail. In the article a guy told a bunch of his friends he would lose 20 lbs by X date or eat a can of Alpo in front of them. Oh yeah, you bet I'd lose that weight!!! While I won't go that far, I'm thinking if I fail to post a picture of myself in a bikini here. Of course, that may be more painful for you than for me :) I don't know. I've always been a fan of public humiliation so this would work for me.

Okay, I really have some work to do so I'll be back later to expand on thee topics.

27 December 2006

The old year is winding down and a new one is just around the corner.

I love beginnings (I think I've said this before). Every beginning is a chance to start new. It doesn't have to be a new year. It could be a new week, a new day, a new month, a new hour, whatever.

In my journey towards outstanding health and fitness I have learned to always look for the new beginnings, especially when things are tough. I've had days where every hour was a new start for me. Luckily things have gotten better and I don't have to start over that often anymore. Now I pretty much choose my new beginnings.

There's a house about a block from mine with a sign in the front yard that says "NEW BEGINNINGS" I have no idea what it means or why it's there but it speaks to me everytime I see it.

Anyway, Monday was a new beginning for me. I have this whole eating plan worked out and while I knew this would be a tough week, I decided to start now - why wait. Start today avoid the 1/1 rush :) So since Saturday I've been writing down everything that goes into my mouth and tracking the macronutrients on FitDay.

It's been a rocky start but I'm getting the hang of it. Journaling my food was never my strong suit, even when I was in WW. I'd been using an old spiral notebook I had that fit in my purse. Tonight I picked up a nice Moleskin journal that's smaller and thinner and fits really nicely in my bag. This is something I will have to force myself to do everyday until it becomes a habit so I might as well make it enjoyable, no???

So while I was in the mall picking my little journal up (among other things) when I passed this little shop that I just love. It sells homemade quirky things; quilts, candles, signs, etc. I just love going in there because it's small and packed and you'll just never know what you can find there.
One thing they always sell that I have a weakness for is homemade fudge. They generally have a variety of flavors but I love the vanilla. As I passed this store for a minute I was tempted to go in which would lead to fudge being purchased then eaten. But then I thought to myself "you have not been in there in months" and I was shocked. I hadn't been in there in a long, long time. Wow, I'm proud of myself. I've managed to eliminate my twice monthly fudge feast and was not even aware of it. Totally cool.

Commodore gives his years a theme. For this one it's "The Year of Gotta Step it Up" I'm on the lookout for a theme for my year. Comm is way beyond me, I'm not sure I'm ready to step it up yet. I need to get it in gear. I have a few more days to find a theme for my year. I can't wait, I love things like this.

I'm ready to start swimming again. My tattoo is almost completely healed but there are a few places that need touch-ups. Ugh!!! That means 2 more weeks of no swimming. I'm ready now.

Workouts have been going really well. I'm really inspired and am pushing myself but not too hard. I'm really feeling awesome.

Okay, that's it from here. Life is just chugging along at a nice, boring, pace. Just how I like it.

25 December 2006


Merry Christmas to everyone. We woke up to a cold, crystal clear day. Hubby and the dogs are still sleeping so I think I'm headed off for my run. Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

24 December 2006

Santas on his way!!!!

For those of you that have little kids you have to take them to the Santa Tracking site. I remember when our kids were little they would give updates on tv from Norad as to where Santa was. The kids just loved it. Now they can follow him in practically realtime. Anyway, I think it's super cute and a great thing to do with the kids.

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