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Change of direction

The past couple of months have been a huge struggle. I fully blame my association with SFS. I believe that place is so toxic that it affected me for months after I left. Things have been rough for a long time before I left, I just didn't realize what the cause was. So my new position has been an adjustment because of the positive attitude and people. I made a mistake here and waited for the hammer to drop. It never did. Everyone was like, oh well, fix it and move on. At the old place I would have been beaten over the head with it, or my mistake would have inspired some large, random change to procedures. Oh, yeah, and here they didn't assume I was out to get the kid involved, they assumed it was an honest mistake. Which it was. Anyway, I kept waiting to get in trouble and it never happened. I think that was the real turning point. I realized that I was at a much better place, that I was treated as a professional, and that I was respected. That realization was the catalyst for…