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2015 here I come

I love new beginnings. On this journey called life, there are a lot of detours and delays along the way. The only way to truly reach your goal is to just keep going and sometimes (lots of times) starting over. I haven't done that lately. I've made some half-hearted attempts but nothing serious. It is now time to get serious. I am at a point in my Ph.D. quest where I have to become completely disciplined and focused if I plan on completing it and I do plan on completing it. But in my quest for that, I cannot allow my health or my work to suffer. Therefore I need a new approach. Balance. Compartmentalization. Schedule. I need to be firm with myself. I have been lazy for far too long. Cruising along, just doing what's necessary to get by. I like to consider myself a good worker. I like to tell myself that if I'm going to do something, I'm going to do it well. That has not been the complete truth lately. Lately I've fallen into the good enough category and that is…

Christmas break to do list

It's only the first day of break and I'm already behind on my to-do list. aaarrrrgggghhhhhh!! No, seriously though. Saturday I allowed as a day to completely decompress. Interesting, at my old school I used to take 3-4 days to decompress and I always felt like I was getting sick at the beginning of break. Not so at this school. One day to decompress and no sick feeling. Hmmmm...anyway, so Saturday was a complete down day. Yesterday was supposed to be productive but we ended up spending most of the day getting a new TV. Between trips to 3 different stores. Two sojourns over the hill. A final trip to the local was set up. It is so much better and was worth every second and every penny but it basically ate up the entire day. Today however, I need to get and be productive. The problem is there are things battling for top position on my to-do list. I have to have my prospectus in by next week - so I need to work on that - but this house is a freaking disaster and just…