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Been a good week

I had more energy this week and generally just felt better all around. I'm still not where I want to be, but at least this week I wasn't completely exhausted every day. So now I think it is time to step it up a bit. I make these plans and then do nothing. Like today. I had a faculty meeting this morning and planned on doing some stuff this afternoon. I did nothing. I took a nap and watched TV. It is now 5 pm and I have accomplished exactly nothing today. It is really depressing. I did order a new activity tracker because 3 that work fine is just not enough. Got to have a lot of activity trackers for the lack of exercise I do. So this week I'm going to focus on following my plans. I'm going to make a reasonable plan and then I'm going to follow through. All I need is to force myself to do things to make them a habit. I know this. And yet I still let my feelings take over and talk me out of doing things. Ugh!!! Hate that. So this week it is just to stick with my pla…


I have spent a lot of my adult life avoiding adulting. Seriously. I worked and paid bills, but I was always very spontaneous. I never considered the future let alone plan for it. I very much lived one day at a time. Was it a smart thing to do? NO. I spent a lot of time stressing over money and things. I'm sure I also paid way more than I needed to over the years because I let things slide. Late charges and past due fees were the norm for me.

10 years ago, when we moved to Waimanalo, I started to get my act together. I worked out a budget. Paid bills on time. Even managed to save a little money. Then we bought the house on Paleka road and thing went to shit again. I then spent the next 6 years trying hard to adult correctly and just not having the resources to do it. In my defense, I really, really tried, but it was a huge struggle every step of the way. Then we moved here. I have done more adulting since we moved then I ever have in my life. We have been able to do many, many ad…