11 January 2014

Sore muscles

Miss 4 workouts and you are going to get sore. I am sore today. I find that interesting because I really thought I was taking it easy last night. But not only did I do more than last time, I'm sore. Maybe I wasn't going as easy as I thought I was. In any case, sore muscles is not enough to stop me. I am off to Crossfit now and will continue this post later.

Okay, back from the WOD. It's benchmark week so today we had a choice of Nate or Randy. Nate is 20 minute AMRAP of 2 muscle ups, 5 handstand push up, and 15 kb swings. Randy is 75 power snatches for time. I actually decided to do Randy right off the bat. I can't do muscle ups or HSPU, so there is two moves I would be modifying. With Randy, I can do the move and just power through it. So Randy it was. Last time I did Randy, I did 25# in 6:36. Today I went heavier, 40#, and it took longer, 9:54. But I went 15# heavier. How freaking awesome is that. My initial thought was to try and break 6 minutes, but I quickly realized that was not going to happen. So I just went as hard and as fast as I could. Awesome sauce!!!!! I was very, very proud of myself. And one of the coaches took this picture:

Rocking my new Mahalo Burpees shirt..... I am just all kinds of awesome there (sarcasm) what is up with that face????

Anyway, positivity pays off in more positivity. I was so pleased with myself....and I still am..... I think all is going to be well on Tuesday when I see the doctor. He is going to suggest some minor fix and I will be well and healthy again. I can not wait....drooling positivity here.

10 January 2014

Made it

to Crossfit that is. I was dreading going, really dreading going. I hadn't worked out all week, everything was sore, it was going to be a slaughter. Also, this was benchmark week. I just did not have it in me to push hard on the benchmarks. That was one of the reasons I didn't go this week. But I went tonight, I did Cindy, and I lived to tell about it. I am going tomorrow and I'm going on Sunday.

Okay, so here's the routine. I had the choice between Angie and Cindy. Angie is 100 push ups, pull ups, sit ups, and squats. Cindy is 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 squats, as many times as you can in 20 minutes. I have done Angie before and it's not that bad. But, having missed all week, and knee and shoulder hurting, I decided to go for Cindy. Of course, I can't do the pull ups, so it's ring rows. I tried to do the push up with the blue band, that didn't work. I tried with the green band. That didn't work. So I did push ups on the box. The squats were painful. Quads hurt, knees creaked, side of my knee hurt. Yeah, it was ugly. Started to get down. Then, I started to get into the music and I forgot to be down. I just kept moving and rocking to the music and all was good. I did 12 full rounds plus 5 ring rows and 10 push ups. Rocking.... Just looked up my last Cindy and I did better this time. I thought I was taking it easy, but I still did better than the last time I did it. Cool.

08 January 2014

Back to it

Yesterday we went back to school. It was just the teachers and we had things to do, but we were back. Today the kids came back. Oh joy. It was a rough day and I came home exhausted. I believe I even napped in my chair for 20 minutes or so. I'm getting like my father. One thing that always happens when I go back from a break is my voice gets hoarse. It's like I didn't talk for 2 weeks and now it gets hoarse until it gets used to talking all day.

I have not made it to Crossfit at all this week. Monday I cleaned house all day and was exhausted. Yesterday I just didn't feel like it. Today I was tired. Probably not going tomorrow since it's Thursday. Looks like Friday will be the first time all week. That's okay. I'll go Friday and Saturday and Sunday and play next week by ear.

Friday is the check in for the nutrition challenge that starts next Wednesday. I am so into this one. I have gotten so out of control it is not funny. I have two days of fairly good eating under my belt though. Yesterday I did have cake but they were tiny pieces. Today I turned down cookies and candy. Yeah me.

Now though, I think it is time for bed.

06 January 2014

Last day of break

Today is my last day of winter break. I have been lazier this break than any other. Ever. I entered the break with no big plans, just a desire to take it easy and that is pretty much what happened. Nothing. Today I am going to clean this house from top to bottom. I also need to get ready to go back to school. Bleh..... But I have learned something from this. If I don't have a plan nothing gets done. That is true on the small scale, a day, or the large scale, a break. So that is at least a good lesson. For today, I have a plan. Everything in the house gets washed, starting with the sheets, and the bathroom, living room, and kitchen get cleaned and the floors vacuumed/mopped. After that it is school work and the day ends with Crossfit. So I have a plan today and will be productive. Right now though I'm freezing cold and sleepy. It is like 69F here....Brrrr...just want to crawl into bed and stay there.....

05 January 2014

I do this every time

I wait until the last minute to do my school work. Why? Why do I do this? I just had 2 weeks off. Do you think I did anything in advance? NO!!! I had a paper due today and I started working on it Friday. That was early for me. Well, I'm changing that. I said my only resolution this year was to get healthy. I lied. My other resolution is to not procrastinate so damn much! I am going to take one hour every night and do some school work. It may be to just read a bit, or do a little research, or do like I did on Friday. I sat down, took the topics I had to cover and just wrote out what I thought. Then I did some research to back up what I thought. Today I sat and polished it up. I think it came out pretty good. And it wasn't that difficult. If I took one hour every night and did a little bit, by the time the weekend rolled around I would have the outline done and be ready to fill it in. So that is my game plan and it starts tonight - No night off because I just finished a paper. NO!!! If I have time to play stupid computer games and watch mindless TV, I have time to work on school work. Also, much of this can be done sitting in front of the TV. On Friday I sat in the living room and the TV was on the entire time and I got a boatload of work done. So that starts tonight.

Be careful where you step.......

it could be a trap.  I'll get to that in a second, but first, let's get caught up. Since my last post, things have been going ...