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Time to turn off comments

I think it's time to turn the comments off on this blog. I get very few that I want and I'm tired of the stupid stuff. These spammers are now paying real live people to leave these crappy comments. Initially they had programs that did it but with comment moderation and captcha that was pretty well stopped. Now they actually pay living humans to do this. So what kind of lowlife would actually do this? How badly do you need money that you would sell any sense of common decency and actually take money to leave spam comments on peoples blogs? Wow!! Become a hooker instead, I have more respect for them. So the comments are being turned off. If you want to contact me get me on Facebook.

In other news, I've been working out and eating well for the most part. I'm feeling very good and want to keep it up. Starting next week we will be kicking it into high gear with the packing up. We should be out of here in two weeks. Woo Hoo.....I'm so excited.... The house ne…

Why am I gaining weight?

This is a question I've been asking myself for the last couple of months.  Why am I gaining weight?  I'm working out.  Okay, not every day but still I'm working out.  Why am I gaining weight?  I don't eat that much.  Well yeah, I have dessert almost every night, but I eat good the rest of the day.  Sure maybe I overeat at dinner and my stomach hurts a little, but during the day I'm really good.  Alright, I had a big plate of fried food for lunch the other day, but that was only the 2nd time this week….The other days I ate good.  Why am I gaining weight??

Those were the conversations I had going in my head.  Seriously.  The worst part is that I was buying that crap.  Seriously.  For a long time I had been eating really clean with only a treat now and then.  In my mind that's still the way I ate.  Unfortunately that was only in my mind, reality was much, much different.    Last week I went back to eating clean and immediately started feeling better.  I had more e…