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Quite a day

Went to WW this morning. I was up. I'm pretty sure it's what I had for dinner last night so I'm okay with it. But it comes off this week.

After the meeting came home and did my interval training with cardio coach, that is fun, showered and headed off to take my test for teaching. Details can be read here.

2 hours later I went grocery shopping and headed home. Then it was an afternoon of relaxing with the animals. Around 5 pm I loaded the dogs in the car and headed to the dog park. We got there about 5:30 and that is apparently prime dog park time. There must have been 30 dogs there and more kept coming. It was amazing. The kids got to play with all kinds of dogs for over and hour. I had to drag them to the car to go home. Now they are passed out on the floor too tired to even eat dinner.

Now it's my time. All my animal related chores are done and it's time for me. Hubby is working so I have the night all to myself. What will I do?? What will I do????

Cardio Coach

The last 2 days have been brutally hot here. I mean really, really hot. It's been far too hot to run outside after the sun comes up, and since I'm off this week I'm not up before the sun. So I've bailed on my runs the last 2 days and opted for the cool workout room and my elliptical machine. Yesterday I did about 30 minutes on the elliptical and a strength routine. After I was done I thought of Cardio Coach. I bought 3 programs about a year ago, I think, and for some reason stopped using them. When I thought of them yesterday I was struck with a brilliant idea. I dug out my old iPod, charged it up, and loaded my Cardio Coach onto that one. I used it this morning and remembered how much I liked it. The guys voice, Sean O'Malley, has an awesome voice and it's very easy to listen to. The programs are intervals and you are able to work as hard as you want. You can use them on any machine that you can adjust, the music is good and the workouts are fun. …


You find it when you least expect it. I stumbled on this blog about 2 months ago and have been lurking and reading it ever since. Today he hit 200 lbs lost! How awesome is that? How did he do it you might ask. What program did he use? Did he hire a trainer? Use one of those prepackaged food programs? Use a fat burner supplement? No! He did none of those things. He started moving more and eating less. He did it all on his own with just his own willpower and determination. For the last couple of weeks he's been tantalizingly close to the 200 mark but it was taunting him. Did he give up?? No way!! He started running!! I mean what a fabulous inspiration this guy is. If he can do it anyone can do it.

So now with that, having been such a slacker myself lately, I am using him as inspiration to get back on track. The food has been okay but I haven't been journaling everything. The exercise has not been good. It's been really hot here. Yesterday it was 92!!! Th…

It's a brand new day....

I'm freaking out a little bit!! I start teaching on Monday but I don't know exactly what I'm teaching yet. I haven't met with the department head and probably won't until the weekend. She is going to give me the scoop on what I'm going to cover this summer. I kind of know, is a pre-Algebra prep course so I have some idea, but apparently the dept. head has some specific things she wants covered. So I'll meet with her this weekend and then spend the weekend getting things ready for Monday. Luckily class doesn't start until 11 so I have time Monday morning. But I'm nervous.
I can't seem to get back on track completely. I've been busy doing things so haven't had a chance to really work out in a week or so. I've spent a lot of time on the road so I've eaten more junk food then I normally do and that is not good at all. If I keep it up I'll be asking where to buy nuphedra. Y…

Just a quickie

I had every intention of running this morning but my blogs blew up and I've spent the last 3 hours fixing them. I love/hate computers and all things computer related. I love the computer and spend way, way too much time on it, but I hate when things go wrong because it takes half of your life to fix it. But, things appear to be back to normal for now. UGH!!!!! So no run but the blogs are working, let's keep our priorities straight.

I'm tired of trying....

basically I'm just tired. No, seriously!! I'm working really hard at eating right lately. Really hard. But life has rapidly gotten extremely busy in a short amount of time. I'm trying to write my proposal for my thesis (trying being the operative word), I would like to finish my thesis entirely by the end of summer, I'll be teaching summer school and getting ready to teach full time in July. I have quite a full plate and there isn't a lot of room for food on it (LOL, I crack me up). So I was thinking of trying something a little different with the food. Something where I don't have to think so much. Something where it's delivered to my door in the proper portion sizes and all I have to do is heat and eat. Something that would take the work out of eating right and yet still allow me to continue to lose weight. So, since I was avoiding writing my proposal and I felt like doing another video entry, here are more of my thoughts:

Nutrisystem has been…