16 October 2010


The workout was super hard today. It was strength and this class does a lot of high weights, low reps kind of stuff. I try to use the heaviest weight possible without killing myself and sometimes I up the weight if I'm feeling strong. I haven't worked out in 3 days so today was brutal. Absolutely. Brutal. I had to bring the weight down a little because I just felt a little weaker than last time. During the lunge set I felt like I was having trouble breathing. It was like I had been smoking a cigar or something. Luckily, I recovered pretty quickly. Anyway, I'm glad I went and I need to remember how good it makes me feel. It's worth the rushing around and struggling to fit it all in....


This is where it usually falls apart for me, trying to balance all the different pieces of my life. I want to work out, I really, really do, but fitting it in to my daily schedule is hard. I leave for work at 6:30ish. Being a teacher I'm generally busy all day long. I get home around 4 pm. We walk the dogs around 4:30 and that takes 45 minutes. If I'm taking the early class I need to come back from walking the dogs and rush off to class. If I'm taking the 6:30 class I have a little time to spend with the birds before I leave. When I take the 5:30 class I get back around 7ish and clean the bird room, eat, and relax. I also do any school work if i have it. When I take the 6:30 class I come home close to 8, eat, and pretty well drop down exhausted. I have little energy to get much done after that. But, in a bizarre twist, I'm generally not tired enough to go to bed until 10ish....Since I get up at 5 that's a tiny bit late. So what to do??? Right now I need to see what the dogs just did. Sounded like they knocked over the tv stands I have in the living room. I use them for other things besides TVs - it's not like I have a number of TVs in the living room :) Then it's off to class because there is no reason I can't get a workout in this morning.

14 October 2010

Working Hard

Since Monday that's what I've been doing.....working hard..... I've been back at school and going to workouts at night.  Tiring.  I did skip tonight because I was tired and needed to get something done.  I actually felt good skipping my workout tonight.  Maybe I need a Branson vacation so I can miss a couple of workouts. I would like to take a vacation, but with all the animals I don't think I would be able to relax and enjoy one.

Okay, I don't have much more to say. It's late, I'm tired, and I need to shower and get to bed. Maybe more tomorrow.

10 October 2010

From pain to pushing it

I did my C25K training twice this week and it was really good.  On Wednesday morning I went to the new morning class and it was awesome.  Thursday night I went to class, then Friday morning they were doing a new circuit class.  I went to try it out and because I love working out in the mornings.  This was awesome.  The stations were absolutely killer and really pushed me hard.  I loved it.  Then yesterday morning was strength training.  Because I was still on the high of the circuit class I really pushed the weights and it was awesome.  I went much heavier than normal and by the end of each set my muscles were screaming.  It was fabulous!!!!  Today was nothing but walking the dogs.  Tomorrow school starts and I have to go back to working out at nights.  That really makes my nights kind of cramped but the benefits far outweigh the problems.  My butt feels firm and tighter than its been in a long time.  Maybe I'll even get some of those apple bottom jeans someday. I do love the way I feel when working out even though it kicks my butt.  I think if I could just sneak in a 15 minute nap during the day I'd be just fine.  I'll have to work on that.....

Social media holiday

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