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Rotten Neighbors

I would totally do this to my neighbor if my fence wasn't so high. I'm thinking of shaping something that looks like a finger and putting it in my window. But quite frankly I am done with them. Completely and totally done.

We got into it today and quite honestly it was totally my fault. But I don't really care, it was coming. It was bound to blow and today I forced it to go. And it went. Big. Like 3 cops big. In a bizarre way I'm kind of glad it did. I had been walking around for the last few days feeling like I was waiting for the other shoe to drop. Well, it fell with a bang today. We are supposed to have a mediation meeting on Monday and I'm over it. I don't give a rats ass whether it happens or not. I did talk to the other neighbor because she is involved just because we live so damn close together. She thinks now more then ever we need to have this meeting. And quite honestly, up until today I was really hoping that on Monday night we could settle…

It's a new day

Beginnings, beginnings, beginnings. I have espoused before my love of new beginnings. Well, what I'm learning, finally, is that new beginnings sometimes happen when you least expect it. Getting rid of my car was an ending for me. For the first time in about 15 years I was without my own wheels. My husband has a truck so it's not like I don't have wheels but I didn't have my own. No more getting an idea in my head and jumping in the car. Now it takes planning and coordination. Which, I'm finding, is really good in many ways.

Most of my life I've been a pretty spontaneous person. Although I like to know what will be happening, I've never been one for schedules and routines. This has caused some problems with things I've wanted to do in my life. The most recent and looming example is my thesis. I have not been able to get going on it but I know if I had a schedule and a routine I could easily get it done. Anyway, not having a car has forced me to b…