06 December 2008

Seriously, now I'm done....

Wow, this has been a week. The school semester finished this week and I had my last classes Tuesday and Thursday night. Yea!!! Last night the bird club put on a lecture by Dr. Pepperberg. The day began at 4 am as we got up to be on the morning news. We were on from 6-8 each 1/2 hour segment. It was awesome. Then I had a ton of running around to do to get ready for last nights lecture. By 3:30 it was off to pick up the printing and Dr. Pepperberg. We had to stop at Border's for her to autograph her books. Then it was 40 minutes in gridlock and a certainty we weren't going to make it to the venue. We finally got there, got the event started, and had a fantastic time. It was wonderful. We had a huge turnout and she gave a great talk. Not only did she give a great talk but most of the night was questions from the audience and people really liked that. It was fantastic. I finally got home last night at 10:30, had a bowl of cereal because I was starving, and hit the bed around 11. It was wonderful but I'm sure glad it's over.

Now, I can really focus on me. I have no classes, no events, no nothing until the end of January. I didn't get a specific workout yesterday but the early morning call and the running around most of the day is being counted as active. Trust me, I was way more active yesterday then I normally am. Today it's back to the program. I'm tired but I have no big plans for today. Hang around the house and do some chores. I am so glad that it's all over, now I can finally and totally relax.

05 December 2008

It's been a few days...

of being really busy and lots and lots to do. But things are going well. Tonight was my last class for this semester and tomorrow is the bird club event and then that's it. I'm free for 8 weeks.

I made a huge connection this morning. Not an ah ha moment, more like a doh!!!! I've been tracking my calories this week, what I eat and what I burn, and things have been pretty good. I've actually managed to eat less then I burn for most days. But I woke up yesterday morning and the scale was up 2.5 lbs. I was floored. I could not figure out what was going on. I wasn't too crazed since I knew I did not gain 2.5 lbs overnight, but it was a puzzler. Then it hit me. I've been on a soup kick the last couple of weeks and I had had soup for lunch 2 days in a row. No doubt the salt was affecting me. I was glad I figured it out. Then of course today I ended up drinking next to no water. That's not going to help. Oh, this whole weight loss thing is tough.

Tomorrow I'm going to be on the morning news so have to be up and out of the house by 4:45 am. Ugh!!! Then the lecture tomorrow night will go till about 9. Wow, long day.

Okay, I'm off to bed so I don't fall asleep on TV :)

03 December 2008

Slept in this morning

Last night was my last Tuesday night class for 8 weeks. We had a lot of fun and it took a lot out of me. When I got home last night I was hungry so I ate a small dinner. The problem with that is I can not go to bed right after I've eaten. Normally I don't eat when I come home from class but last night I was really hungry. The result is that I stayed up later then I should have and slept in later then I should have this morning. So no morning workout. When I come home tonight I will have to do something so as not to blow my 30 days 3 days in.

I'm already enjoying this new found free time. School took up a lot of my time, attending classes, doing assignments, etc. So I don't want to waste this new free time doing nothing. I have some knitting I've been working on, maybe I'll take that back up again. I did notice that all my scrapbooking stuff is out in the studio. Maybe my pictures will be my project during the break. Oh, I like that idea. I've made great progress starting to get the pictures organized, I should continue that and get the scrapbooks done that I want to. Between that and working on my photography I think I can amuse myself for 8 weeks.

Day 2 of 30

I'm a Biggest Loser fan. When it first come on 6 years ago (I think) I thought it was absolutely the stupidest idea ever. I did not watch the first couple of seasons. Then I think I caught part of the 3rd season and thought it was pretty good. I watched the 4th season and really enjoyed it. By the 5th season I was hooked. I was so happy when Alli won. Yea!! A woman!!! Then they did the first families and it was pretty good. Now the newest season is couples, I think that's what it's called. Anyway, the thing I love about the Biggest Loser is not that the people lose an incredible amount of weight and change their lives and do it all through eating and exercise. No. Those great reasons are not the reason I watch again and again. The real reason I watch is Jillian. I would kill to have her as my trainer. I love the way she pushes the contestants and won't take excuses. I love that because most people are capable of much more then they do but they don't push themselves. It takes someone like Jillian to force you to step outside your comfort zone and push your limits. So Jillian is the reason I turn back to the Biggest Loser over and over and over.......

Well, a couple of weeks ago it hit me that I just work out better with DVDs. During strength training I do not push myself as hard as I could. In fact, if I'm following a routine that is written on paper, no matter how hard this workout may be I will not break a sweat. That's how easy I take it. But if I'm following a DVD I will do exactly what they are doing if it kills me. I realized this and then thought, why fight it?? If it works for me go with it. So I started looking around for some new DVDs. Wait for it....You know it's coming..... I found Jillian's DVDs. I bought a 5 box set and then a separate one. I actually thing I purchased a duplicate of this set. It should be here in a couple of days so I'll see. I did the first workout today, Cardio Kick boxing, and it kicked my butt. That's what I want. I'm very pleased and can't wait to try the rest of them.

I'm excited and I'm tired. I think I'm heading off to bed.

30 November 2008

It really is all about me

School is basically over. I have 2 more classes to attend and 2 more presentations to make, which are done. So now it's back to me. I'm going to focus on eating and workouts for the next 8 weeks. I'm very excited. For the last 12 weeks I felt like I've been pulled in a hundred different directions. I'm glad it's easing up a little. Of course, it's only an 8 week break. Then it's another semester. It's tough. But it's not going to last forever and if I plan better next semester things should go better.

Okay, nuff said. I'm going to finish watching Desperate Housewives and head off to bed to get started focusing on me :)

It looks like a beautiful day

Yesterday afternoon and last night were rainy and cold, it was terrible. When I got up this morning it was a little rainy, but now it's cleared up and it looks gorgeous. I have a run on the schedule but the rain made me change my mind, now I'm thinking about it again. Of course, since it rained and now the sun is shining brightly it will be very humid. I had running in humidity. Hmmmm....what to do, what to do........Not much else on the agenda today. I got all my work finished so today is cleaning house and relaxing. Yea!!!!

On a totally different subject, I've been looking around for a small business opportunity for hubby for when we move. I'm looking for something he can do from home basically. I'll be teaching, which is incredibly portable and needed everywhere, but he's more a handyman type. I don't know that where we'll be living will have a call for that type of stuff. Oh well, I've been searching the web trying to find something that isn't a rip off.

Okay, I have to decide what I'm going to do and go do it. Tempus fugit.

Success when I'm not looking

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