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And 10 days later.......

Not that anyone reads this. It's more for me to keep track of life in general.

The last two weeks have been fairly uneventful. The end of the school year is odd. It ramps up in a way and slows down at the same time. I can't explain it, but it is unlike any other job. So the end of the year is within reach. Next week is the last week of teaching and the following week is exams and then pau. That will nice. I teach over the summer at Kamehameha and I'm looking forward to that, but I get a week off in between.

I turned in my final assignments for my classes yesterday. I was so excited to get those done that I sat at this computer for 7 hours yesterday working on them. I never even got fully dressed. I went to Crossfit, came home and showered, and put my night gown on again and sat down. I never got dressed yesterday. But the classes are done. All I have left now is my dissertation. I do have one more class to take but I need approval on my prospectus first and I'm wait…