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The stages.

I have very distinct stages I go through when under severe stress ( I guess I'd call it that).
The first stage is disbelief, this can't possibly be happening.
The second stage, is anger, white hot anger at any and all involved.
The third stage is depression, oh woe is me I'll never get out of this.
The fourth stage is calm, rationalization and planning.

If you missed my post yesterday (which I hope no one read and I've since deleted), the socialist state of California has decided to come after hubby and I for taxes we apparently owe from 16 years ago. After many phone calls to the franchise tax board and tearing through my records to see if I still had those tax returns (I don't), I've come to accept the fact that California has me over a barrel and I have absolutely no recourse. It's a long stupid (considering the people I'm dealing with, incredibly stupid) story that will just piss me off again if I go into.

I moved through all of the above stages. When I w…


It freaking freezing here!!!! I got up this morning and it was 70 F. That means it probably dropped into the upper 60's overnight. Yikes!!!!

Yeah, yeah, I know....... snow... blah...blah..... ice..... blah....blah..... raining...... temps in the 20's blah....blah..... blah......

If you look over at my profile, yeah, I don't live in those places. I live in Hawaii and therefore will whine like a baby when the temps fall below 80. Spoiled??? Absolutely!!!!!

Anyway, it's our first cold snap of the season and it's tough. I busted out the sweats and long sleeved shirts last night. It was extra blankets on the bed. When the alarm went off this morning I just couldn't do it. Well, also, I was really tired last night. Bone tired. Not sure what that's all about but thought a sleep in would be a good thing.

Okay, that's it. Inspite of the unreasonable cold weather, I must go to work. I'm such a trooper :)


I'm really, really tired tonight.
I'm not sure why.
It didn't set in until I got home.
I'm going to bed.


That's what I did this morning. I'm still not really "working" on anything, just swimming, having fun, trying different things, and just being comfortable in the water.

So I've been doing flipturns all the time. This serves a couple of purposes:
1) It's fun. I really like doing them and it makes me smile every time.
2) Doing this gives me more confidence in the water and this is what I really need.
3) Getting water up the nose once in a while helps me realize I probably won't drown from that (at least I haven't yet :)

Today I added fins again. This is fun, who doesn't like zooming down the lane; talk about feeling like a dolphin!!! I used them to make the swim more aerobic. Since I actually don't swim very fast, adding fins makes me go a lot faster and overall work harder. So I did some sprints, 50m on the 1:00. Yeah, we are talking fun!!!

I also got the Total Immersion tape for breaststroke and butterfly, so I worked on those drills for a little wh…

Nothing to see here..

And nothing much to say.

It was Monday.


Nothing exciting....

Back to the grind....


First off I think it should be a law that weekends are longer then the work week. Having 4 days off is sweet. I got a lot of little projects done around the house. Got a bunch of exercise in. Got some serious reading done. Nice, very nice.

Since I have been pushing myself quite hard these last couple of days, I decided today would be a rest day and tomorrow the serious work would begin. But, as is typical once I begin pushing myself, I sit here and feel like doing something. I'm thinking I'll just go for an early morning walk. My plantar is bothering me and tomorrow is my regular running day so I don't want to push it. Weights were yesterday and tomorrow so those are out. My bike has something wrong with it. And I've done all my tough aerobic tapes. I'm thinking a walk is where its at. I was reading somewhere the other day that one of the top runners uses walking to kind of squeeze in an extra run sometimes. Which makes sense as it's basically the same motion on…