29 September 2007

It's been a week

or two. I started going to the chiro 3 weeks ago and I'm feeling better than I have in a long time. I had not realized how much pain I was in constantly until that pain was removed. Even my plantar is feeling better. It's amazing how much the orthotics help. Who knew????

However, becoming pain free has not been painless - pun intended :) When the chiro does the ART on the sore parts, it hurts for days after. What he's doing is breaking up scar tissue and then the body clears it out. That takes time. He did my shoulder on Thursday and it's still a little sore today. I can move it a lot better and I'm not in pain, but the muscles are sore. That's how it's been going. He'd work on the foot and it would be sore for a week. He'd work on the hip and it would be sore for a week. Now we are onto the shoulder.

My point with all this jabbering is that my working out has been sporadic. When my foot was really sore I couldn't work out much. When the hip hurt I couldn't ride the bike. Now my shoulder is sore and can't figure out what to do. I do not think I will be able to do the Century ride tomorrow as leaning on the handle bars makes my arm go numb. The chiro said I could start running again but hitting the ground makes my shoulder hurt. I know this won't last and that I'll feel much better when it's done, I just have to get through it now.

I'm actually glad I started all this now. It's a good time to get this all taken care of and then I can start some serious training. Although I don't have a definitive schedule yet, my next years schedule will look something like this:

January : 10k & 100k ride
February: Great Aloha Run
March: 10k
April: Sprint Tri, 5k, 10k, Biathlon, Metric Century
May: Oly
June: Sprint
July: 10k, Tinman
September: Na Wahine
November: Sprint, 10k
December: Marathon

Looks like I may have to cut some things in April. I'll probably lose the biathlon. It looks like a lot but it's really not. In 2005 my schedule looked worst than this and that year I was in awesome shape. A packed schedule kept me training - hard.

So the next 3 months will be base building. I'll be working on aerobic endurance and just getting a good strong base going. By January 1st I want to be able to run a 10k, bike 50 miles, and swim 2,000 m fairly easily. I also want to have lifted weights for 3 consecutive months.

Okay, there you have it. I guess this is my declaration of intent for next year. I better get moving :) On second thought, maybe I should check into Pigeon Forge vacation rentals for a little R&R first :)

28 September 2007

What have I done??

I've just agreed to babysit 2 cockatoos for 10 days. I'm also sitting my bosses' too while she does Kona. This will all be at the same time. What the heck have I agreed to??? Have I totally lost my mind??? Okay, it will be okay. Tatu I'm not worried about. I've known her for years and I'm comfortable with her. The other 2 I don't know though. I'll have to learn their quirks and body language. Oh, this will be a fun 10 days.

1 step forward, 2 steps back....

Well, for the past few weeks I've been seeing the chiro and things are going well. I have actually spent the last week pain free and I haven't done that in a very long time.

I got my orthotics on Tuesday and they are wonderful. What a huge difference they make. I even get to go for a run this weekend - woo hooo!!! But yesterday at the chiro's I mention that my shoulder has been bothering me. He looks at it and it turns out one of my rotator cuff muscles is damaged. He started the ART on it to try and fix it.

If you've never had ART you can't imagine what it's like. He finds the head (read sorest spot) of the muscle, applies a deep pressure as he rubs the length of the muscle while you are moving it. Yes, it feels as horrible as it sounds. But it works. That breaks up all the scar tissue from damage that occurred and it gets better. Right now my shoulder is sore but I'm not in the screaming agony I was yesterday morning. I just hope it heals fast.

Now the dilemma. Sunday is the Century Ride. I was only going to do 25 miles but because of my back, leg, hip, etc, I haven't been riding. Now with the shoulder, I tried a short ride this morning and my hand goes numb almost immediately. I know I don't have to do the Century Ride but it's one of those things I've wanted to do for years and now to not be able to do it...... I don't know what I'm going to do. I do know I'm going to packet pick up tomorrow morning because you get a free jersey. Hey, the ride comes right by my house, maybe I'll just join it here and go for a while then turn back........ That may work, rather then pushing it over the mountains there in the beginning. Hmmmm..........

Well, that's all for now. I'm working on a new blog. It's going to be purely political. I've gotten so frustrated with politics in general I need a place to vent. It's got a really cool name and later this weekend when I get it up I'll provide a link.

26 September 2007

What a long, strange trip it's been.

3 years ago today, I sat down at the computer and "decided to give this blogging thing a try." In reading over the old blog entries, I just have to laugh. I've pretty much been blogging about the same kind of things since the beginning, training, working out, weight loss, etc. But I can remember the feelings behind the things I wrote. What I wrote brings up the emotions I was feeling at the time. It's been a long, hard journey but I have made some major changes since I started.

Working out is much more consistent. I tended to miss more workouts than I did. I also tended to go all out on the weekends. The way I workout now is much more consistent and even.

I've completely changed the way I eat. I was reading some of my old FitDay journals and I eat way different now. I hardly eat any processed food. I eat way more whole foods. My diet is considerably better.

I don't binge. I used to binge fairly regularly. I do not remember the last time I had a binge. I have over eaten, but haven't had a blow out binge.

My mindset has changed. I had a lot of doubts back then. I still have doubts but not near as many.

So, where am I going from here?? I'm not sure. I have ideas but I have to decide what I really want. That was my mantra for a long time, WHAT DO YOU REALLY WANT??

25 September 2007

3 Years

Tomorrow is my 3 year anniversary of blogging. My very first post can be found here. When I started blogging I had been reading blogs for probably a year or so. I decided to start my blog but wasn't going to publicize it because I didn't want anyone to read it. These were my thoughts and I didn't feel the need to share them with anyone. Wow, how things change.

I got my first comment in December and I remember the thought of someone else reading what I wrote literally made me sick to my stomach. It wasn't until May of 2005 I started commenting on blogs and getting my name out there. Then I started getting regular comments. Interesting.

Tonight I'm going to read through some of my old posts and tomorrow I'm going to write a retrospective. I love going back and reading old stuff and seeing how far I've come, or how far I haven't. We shall see.

24 September 2007


I just need to rant a tiny bit here. The new season of TV is starting and while that's good, it really pissses me off. Why do they have to take such a long break?? Why do they only do few episodes?? What the heck ever happened with the season being from September to June??? Why do they have so many freaking reruns?? Why do they put all the good shows on the same night??
That is all.

Monsoon season has arrived

and we got our first rain yesterday. Actually, it's still raining a little this morning. It wasn't a lot of rain, but it was rain....