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Today will be amazing

This is another thing I have to do, decide that the day will be amazing.

Woke this morning with a good attitude and feeling really good. Been up for about an hour and I'm getting ready to head out on my walk. Want to get it done before it gets really hot. Going to be productive today and get things done. So have a fabulous day.

After my walk: After I wrote this I headed out for my morning walk. My plan when I left was to do the college loop, which is a little over 2 miles. Takes me about 50 minutes to complete it. As I was doing the loop I started to notice a couple of things. First, for the last few months, within about 10-15 minutes of starting a walk, my hips and low back would begin to hurt. The pain would increase until it was about 8 on a scale of 10. I would then have to sit for a few minutes to relieve the pain. After that I was usually fine. That didn't happen today. I noticed that I had zero pain so I decided to keep walking. Instead of heading home after the coll…

This is why I teach summer school

This was me today. Pretty much all day too. I did get up and go for a walk this morning, but after that I spent most of the time on the couch. This is why I teach summer school. Because if left to my own devices, I do nothing. Something has to change. I don't like being lazy. When I'm lazy I get nothing done and things just pile up around me. I don't want to be like that. When I'm lazy, I feel fat. Like I do now. Because sitting around doing nothing does not promote muscle growth. I have got to change something. This happens every single time I have a break of any kind. You would think that by now I have it mastered, but I don't. It's something I struggle with every time. I need to keep moving. I spent so much time on the couch today, my neck is sore. That's just crazy. I think I just need to create a to-do list at night for the next day. That way I have a list of things to do and don't spend so much time on the couch. Ugh!!!! Why??? Why???? Why?????

Progress in 2 days....

So 2 days ago, I called myself out on my BS. Sometimes I need to do that in order to make forward progress. Well, it helped. Yesterday I got up and walked. I walked for an hour and half. I covered almost 3 miles. I went shopping at Ross's. It was amazing. I also walked the dogs yesterday for the standard 1.5 hours. That was great. Today I got up and walked. I walked for almost 2 hours and covered 3.35 miles. In the middle of that, I stopped at 24 hours fitness and did 20 minutes of intervals on the bike. I also stopped at Ross's and did some shopping (have to cut that part out) and went to Starbucks for breakfast. I will be walking the dogs again today, not sure if I'll be alone or with Hubby, but walk them I will.

Yesterday I also managed not to eat a bunch of crap. Yay me!!! I did have some donut holes after dinner, but that was it for junk. I'm so pleased and proud of myself. Now I have to go take a shower and then I'm heading to Kailua to look for some lugga…

I call bullsh*t

on my excuses. I have been using all kinds of horrible, terrible, lousy excuses and I need to call bs on them. Let's see if I can list some of them and then debunk them:

1. it's too hot. Really???? Think this is hot? Wait till we get to Arizona where they have had 117 - 112 - 111 etc. Yeah, that's freaking hot.
2. it's raining. I love the freaking rain. As long as it's not a torrential downpour, I love walking in the rain.
3. it's too early. Oh shut up!!!
4. it's too late. When exactly is it too late? 2 pm? 3 pm? when????? It's too late when you die.
5. I don't feel like it. Just GTF over yourself and do it.
5. My foot hurts. See #5 and GTFO yourself.....

See, they are not even close to being good excuses. They are lousy and I know they are lousy when I say them to myself. Ugh!!!! So that's over. I have nothing to really do during the day and I end up bored, so I'm going to exercise. Walk in the mornings. Maybe do a little bo…