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Okay, lots to cover and not a lot of time.

So let's get started..

Okay, my motto at the top of this blog is "Do or do not; there is no try" Yet, I am the queen of rationalization and justification. I did not get up and workout yesterday. My excuse was I stayed up too late the last few nights. Now while technically that is true, that is no reason not to get up. One is not necessarily related to the other. Especially when you consider I was only staying up 1/2 to 1 hour later. Not the end of the world if I got up on time. I would just be tired later in the day and probably go to bed on time.

I didn't get up this morning either and that's really where this whole post began. I knew I wasn't getting out of bed and I knew I didn't have a good reason to stay in bed. I started thinking how things go in cycles. I do really well at training for awhile then slack some, then pick it up again. It's definetly a cyclical thing.

Then I started thinking about my race this weekend. It's a small race,…

I stayed up too late last night

so I couldn't get up to go to the pool this morning. Generally I need 8 hours sleep and for the last few nights I've only been getting 7. Eventually that adds up and the result is this morning; I can't get up. Oh well. I needed the extra sleep.

Yesterday I did get to the Y did upper body work and 1/2 hour on the treadmill, so that was good.

I guess I'll just take it easy today, get to bed early tonight, and get back on it tomorrow.

Okay, it's early and i don't have much to say.

My kids.

Okay, backofthepack asked what kind of dogs I have and since I love to talk about my kids here they are.

This is Mana. She is my oldest, 15 years, black lab mix. She is deaf and blind, that's not the reflection in her eyes, those are cataracts. She's has arthritis and is starting to have trouble walking. I have had her since she was 12 weeks old and it's very, very hard knowing we are going to lose her soon. Then, of course, we have to decide when it happens and really, how do you make a decision like that?????

This is Nala. She is an 8 year old pure bred pit bull. We have had her since she was 6 weeks old. She has serious knee problems. When she was 3 she had to have knee surgery because the groove her kneecap rides in wasn't deep enough so her kneecap would slip out of the groove and cause her lots of pain. Now, her other knee has serious arthritis and she may have a partially ruptured ACL. Right now we are working on getting some weight off her (she's a little chu…


Well, it's monday so this morning was swimming. I actually got everything ready last night so this morning was breeze. Must remember to do this everynight!!!

I had my mind set on 2000m today, and I did it :)

250m warm-up: 6:45
500m: 13:46
500m: 13:46
500m: 13:55
250m variety: 8:07

Total: 2000m 1:02:56

Now the really good thing about this swim is the consistency of the times. I'm really, really excited about that. Also, I'm trying to work on breathing to my left side so going down I breathed on the left, returning I breathed on the right, for the 1st two 500m. On the final 500m I did bilateral breathing the entire time - wooooohoooooo!!!
For the final 250m I did 50m side stroke, 50m breast stroke, 50m side stroke, 50m back stroke, 50m side stroke. Oh yes, flip turns the entire time.

I pushed myself past my comfort zone today and it felt good. First, I did flip turns the entire time even though I'm still dealing with th…

The best laid plans......

Yesterday was my rest day and an absolutely gorgeous day. The sun was out, for the first time in 2 months it seems, the temperature was nice, and it was just wonderful. I spent the day moving and painting the new place. It was great.

Today my plan was to do a brick. Specifically a swim and a bike ride, in Waikiki so the swim could be in open ocean. If you will look at the weather on my sidebar there you will notice rain and thunder. Yes, thunder!!!! UGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!! It has been raining here for like 2 months!!!! I am sick and tired of it!!!!!! The rest of the country is having nicer weather than we are here in HAWAII!!!!!! UUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

It is raining so hard right now I can not hear my TV. The thunder is freaking out the dogs so they are all trying to lay under my feet. 3 75+ lb dogs fighting to get under my chair, yes, this is fun.

I can't really train inside today since I took my bike trainer and elliptical over to the new house while the treadmill is b…