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This has not been a good summer for me.

I was just dwelling on the summer and it really hasn't been that good. I started racing in January and was doing really, really well when I twisted my ankle in May. That took quite a while to get over but I finally did. Then I twisted my other ankle in July. That is still not completely healed but very much better. This past week I've had a cold. I NEVER get colds in the summers. What the hell is going on?????

I don't really believe in "accidents." I believe that many things people call "accidents" are things that you allow to happen to you. But there is always a reason behind it. For instance, you have an opportunity to do something that is exciting yet scary like skydiving. You want to do it but it is big time scary, one of your biggest fears. The day before you have an "accident" maybe hurt you back and you can't dive. Now I firmly believe that you did that to yourself so you wouldn't have to face your fears. As exciting as …

I hate being sick.

I really, really hate it. I started feeling bad yesterday and it got worse till this morning when I really felt like crap. I stayed home from work and pretty much slept most of the day. I started feeling better by about 2:00 this afternoon. Tonight I feel pretty okay though my head is still a little foggy. The worst part of today was my eating. I wasn't really hungry earlier so I had coffee and peanut butter toast and I was totally full. Around 12:30 I had an apple and some potatoe chips and was totally full. Then about 4:00 I really started getting hungry and had Charlie pick up fried chicken and chocolate cake. I ate 2 pieces of fried chicken (and a salad) and half of a chocolate pound cake. Ugh!!! I feel terrible now. But I just brushed my teeth and am getting ready to head to bed. I need to not let this get to me. I need to pick my butt up and get right back on track tomorrow. I am going to get up and walk the dogs. Then I'm going to exercise; I would like to run bu…

It's a beautiful Monday morning.

Hard to think of those words together, but it's absolutely true.... Look at this. How gorgeous!!!

I got up this morning with every intention of exercising but a long, slow walk with the dogs and high humidity just zapped the motivation right out of me. It is incredibly humid due to a storm sitting out over the ocean. I figure I biked and ran over the weekend so I could take today off without a problem.

Well, I should get moving. I do have to go to work even if it is such a beautiful morning.

I RAN!!!!

I ran today, really ran, for the first time in quite awhile. I have a 6 mile race next Sunday and I haven't been running at all. I decided that I would run today for an hour. So I got up and headed off to the park. I ran on the road and I ran kind of slow but I ran for an hour. I would run for 5 minutes and then walk for 1 or 2. It worked out great and I feel awesome. My ankle is doing great. When I run I underpronate so I really have to watch my form. Also, my ankle hurts a little when I run but as soon as I stop and walk it feels fine. So I think I'll be able to run on Sunday and I'll do just fine. Okay, it's off to the shower and then to breakfast, I'm starving.....