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Just one more post today.

I can't take a nap because then I won't sleep tonight so I have to keep myself busy.

We went to the marathon expo and guess who we saw there??

Evangaline Lilly, Kate from Lost. That's one of my favorite shows but the line to see her was way too long so I just took a photo.

Then I picked up my packet:

My blurry championchip..

And my race number.

It's official, I'm doing a marathon. I was ruminating today on how these things; marathons, ironman, whatever; take on a life of their own and become all encompassing. For the last 2 weeks or so, and definetly for the last week, this is all I've thought about. What to wear, what to eat, when I'm going to do what, how will I do it. God, I'll be glad when this is over tomorrow!! These events become these watershed moments in your life. I found myself saying a number of times today, "Well, once the marathon is over...." like my life was going to change somehow. Oh well, what can I say, I'm a very deep thinke…

T minus 1

Oh yeah, I'm nervous!!!! I ate a good pasta dinner last night and was in bed at a reasonable hour. I managed to sleep in (well, sleep in for me) and am feeling good so far, but I am really nervous.

I've got tons of crap running through my head of things I have to do today, I just know I'm going to forget some. If I was a more organized type person I'd make a list, but that would eliminate lots of stress and take away all the fun :)

I still haven't decided what I'm going to wear. I know what shorts I'm on the fence about the top. One is a Brooks DriFit that I like but I'm just a scoch uncomfortable in but the other is a tank top and the sun will be a factor tomorrow. Of course I will use sunscreen but hours of sweating may wear it off. Oh, decisions, decisions!!! Wait, I know how to decide!!! Which one will look better in the picture???? Okay, fashion show later.

I have lots to write but I can't sit still right now. I'm going to go walk the dogs and…

Back to our regularly scheduled ramblings.....

Okay, it's 3 days and I'm starting to get excited. That guy on the left is the logo of the Honolulu Marathon. He's called the King's Runner and every year there is someone who runs the marathon dressed liked that. It's fun to run behind him ;).

Last night the group went out to dinner as it was our last time together and we had such fun. This was a really great group to train with and we are already planning our next adventure. The Volcano Wilderness run is run on the big island of Hawaii and it goes through the volcano. You actually run in the caldera of the volcano; how cool is that? It's know as the world toughest marathon because the lava fields are like running over glass. If you fall it will cut you bad. So that's what we are looking at. A group of us girls (sans husbands) will rent a cabin and spend the weekend - it sounds like fun.

So I'm getting really excited; still nervous, but really excited. This morning when I was walking the dogs …

Caution: Extremely Conservative Views ahead!!!

The local news this morning is all about the attack on Pearl Harbor. Everyday on my commute I see the Arizona Memorial and I think everyday about what happened there. When you really think about it, 9/11 was not our first terrorist attack. The Japanese were really the first suicide bombers. They flew those planes in fully intending to die and not make it back alive. I understand that the few who actually did return lived in great shame because they did not die for their country. I, quite honestly, do not understand the mindset that would make you want to kill yourself for your country, religion, whatever... In some ways I can understand dyeing for your country but only in the event of defending it. The Japanese were not defending their country against the US, we hadn't entered the war yet. I can not imagine hating someone for what they believe or for the fact that they don't think the same way you do. Make no mistake, I tend to think I'm right almost always (okay, always) …

It was 64 years ago today

that the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.

Couple of things on my mind today...

Last night I went to marathon training and just walked for about an hour. When it was over I was a little concerned. My legs ached! I mean really ached!! Like they didn't ache after my 1/2 marathon!! What is up with that?? I have not run or walked in 10 days due to my cold. I decided to walk last night as a way to ease myself back in. I did not expect my legs to ache that way. Also, my hip hurt. That's not that unusual but it still hurt this morning. Ugh!!! I'm now officially concerned. I don't know if I'll be able to do the marathon on Sunday. Wednesday we are meeting for a short 40 minute run and then off to a group dinner. I'm going to run on Wed. and see how that goes. Other than that and getting lots of rest and good nutrition and hydration, there's really nothing more I can do..I'm trying very hard not to freak out (again!!)......

I've been toying with the idea of getting a bike trainer. I have a treadmill and an eliptical machin…

Sometimes you just have to fake it!!!

I have now been sick for 9 days and I have decided that is enough. I have 6 days till the marathon and I have got to back on track. So, after resting all weekend and feeling pretty darn good this morning, I've decided to pretend that I'm fine. (I actually am fine except my sinuses are a little stuffy, that's all). I'm going to my marathon group tonight and will probably end up just walking but that's fine; basically I have to get my rather large butt off the couch!!! So - I'm just fine!!!
I keep up on the blogs I read through bloglines; it's slow and annoying but it beats the hell out of checking each blog each day. I've tried to use the Google one but for some reason I can't get it to work; no doubt it's me, I just haven't had time to focus on it for more than .3 seconds. Anyway, I keep adding new blogs to my list and this morning I finally got caught up on reading all the blogs. …