27 April 2006

I'm still here.

I haven't felt much like writing lately. I haven't even been commenting on other blogs much even though I am reading them. I just feel like I have nothing to say. Actually, I'm undergoing a paradigm shift and until it's complete there is nothing to talk about.

I used to kind of stumble through life and not give much thought or attention to what was really going on. Now I know, in minute detail, the things that are happening inside and outside. I like it but I'm afraid I spend too much time thinking about them. I need to find a balance between the thinking and non-thinking.

Anyway, things are changing. I've been exercising - good. I'm slowly working in my 2 a day (can't just jump right into that, at least I can't). I did not exercise yesterday as I had an early doc's appointment and I did not exercise this morning due to fairly heavy cramps, but tomorrow for sure.

Eating has been going well. I have reached a stage where I am not hungry. I force myself to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner but I really don't want them. This is good. This is part of the shift. If I'm not hungry it's really easy to make good choices. I also make sure I carry lots of heathy choices with me so that if I do get hungry I'm ready.

So I had to go to the eye doctor yesterday and something major happened. I wear contacts and eyeglasses (not at the same time) and needed a new prescription. My glasses are about 3 years old and while they work just fine, they are kind of stretched out and I need a new pair. So the doc is writing the prescription and I say, "I want to get bifocals so I don't have to take my glasses off to read" After the words left my mouth, I stopped and started laughing my ass off. Who would have ever thought that those words would roll so easily off my tongue??? Certainly not me!!!

So that's all. I actually do have more to say I'm just not in the mood. A shift is occuring and I need to get through it and adjust to it before I comment on it.


Backofpack said...

Oh, the bifocal thing is scary. I weat contacts and cheaters - I never thought that would happen, much less bifocals!

Keep up the good work on the healthy eating front!

Nancy Toby said...

I have no idea what half your post means, but anyway....

I have bifocal contacts and they work pretty good. Not super-sharp distance vision, but it still lets me drive and read my watch and read books with one set of contacts. :-) Some people can't get used to them, but they work great for me!

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