12 June 2006

Woo Hooo, it's a holiday!!!

Well, for some people it is, not for me though. It's Kamehameha Day here in Hawaii and that means all the local governments are closed. All the other poor slobs are working though.

Because of this, I wasn't sure if the Y would be open. I figured they would be but you never know.

I had a terrible night last night. The neighbors, the drug dealers, decided to have a fight at midnite. After about 10 minutes of yelling, I got up and called the cops. They said that someone had already called. A few minutes later they were there and all was quiet after that.

I, however, could not get back to sleep. I'm having trouble with my lower back and I'm not sure what to do. Once things quieted down, I just could not get comfortable. My lower back feels like the vertebrae are separated. I tend to have problems with one side of my back getting too tight. Generally massage or yoga will get things relaxed enough to straighten out. This is different. When I try to stretch it like normal, it actually hurts more. Laying down with my back in neutral position does not feel good. Standing up and moving around feels good. Also, my sciatica nerve is alive. I can feel it through my butt muscle and down the side of my leg. I don't know what to do. I can workout, swimming, biking, running, doesn't bother it. Laying down is bad. I just don't know.

So, I roll out of bed this morning hoping the Y is open and head out. It is open and there are few cars in the parking lot - yeah!!!!! There is only 1 person in the pool - yeah!!!!!!! I was scheduled to do 2000m but my heart just wasn't in it. I felt like lead swimming along and slower than molasses. I could not get my breathing regulated, it was miserable. After 1200m I called it a day; the kids in the next lane helped that decision - see rant below. I did 600m in 17:27 and 14:59 - jeeezzz I can float faster than that. I'm glad I went though.

This is a rant about children and it may upset you parent types. Why do people think it's okay to inflict children on other people???? I go to the Y at 6 a.m. specifically because there are no children there. This time of morning is for lap swimming only. Last week I went at 6 p.m. and there were tons of kids; so I decided I would never go at night again. So I'm swimming this morning when this lady shows up with her 3 little kids. She puts them in a lane (the one next to me) and takes another lane for herself. Now this bothers me on a number of levels. 1) these children were playing they should not be in a lane. 2) if you are bringing your rugrats YOU swim with them. 3) keep them in their own damn lane.

As you can imagine, 3 kids playing in a lane was like swimming next to a school of dolphins. The water was really rough; I kept getting kicked and banged with noodles; their "toys" kept drifting into my lane. I was getting pissed. You know, my dogs are way more behaved than most children but I don't inflict my dogs on other people. When I have my dogs out and other people are around, I go out of my way to keep them away unless the people say it's okay. Why are children different??? Why am I supposed to accept children???? I don't have children so why do I have to put up with them???? I'm not asking people not to bring them but 6 a.m. is not the time for children in the pool.

I make it a point of going places at times when children aren't around. I go to Ruby Tuesdays for lunch on Saturdays; we sit in the bar - no children. I go to movies that are rated R - there should be no children. I'm dying to see Cars but I won't because it will be loaded with children.

I can only assume that parents think that all people love children. Newsflash - we don't.

I don't mean to upset anyone, but if you have children don't assume that everyone loves them like you do.

Okay, I'm done. In general I do like children, but I hate when I am forced to put up with them.

Well, I'm off to work. Hopefully it will be quiet today since it's a quasi-holiday.

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Nancy Toby said...

I'm in total agreement with your attitudes toward kids!!! They definitely have their place, and when I get out without mine I don't want to have to put up with other people's kids misbehaving!!

I might put in a word with managment at the Y if I were you....

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