17 April 2007

Meanwhile, back at the ranch.....

I'm in a posting mood, so bear with me tonight.

It's really sad what happened at Virginia Tech yesterday but...... I know people are upset and angry over what happened and when you're like that you need someone to blame, but come on. People are criticizing the police and the school and everyone as to the way it was handled and I just think that's wrong. Hindsight is 20/20, so they need to tread carefully.

I don't have know all the details but just from what I've heard I have a couple of thoughts.
First, why didn't they lock down the school?? How exactly would they have done that? There's no central communication system so how could they have gotten word to everyone?? That may be something they should be looking into, getting a central communication system.

Second, why didn't' they react quicker?? There was 2 hours between shooting. If there was a shooting and then nothing happens, I would assume that it's over. How could the authorities possibly know he was going to continue in 2 hours??

I'm going to stop here. This is a terrible tragedy and some people lash out in situations like this. That's okay. They are grieving and not thinking straight. Hopefully over the next few days sanity and common sense will return.

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