20 April 2007

Sponsored: I love watches.

I do. I adore them. I currently have 4 not including my heart rate monitor. I wear and Ironman watch everyday. I have a Citizen for semi-dress up. I have a Swiss Army watch because I like them. And I have a Phillipe something for serious dress up. If it wasn't for hubby, who owns 1 watch, I would have dozens of watches.

As strange as it my seem, my favorites are Timex Watches. I love my Ironman watch. Oh, that's right, I also have a Timex marathon watch, so I have 5. My Ironman watch is my favorite, but I have a question. Why do the watches only have 30 laps??? If you're training for an Ironman you're going to be doing way more than 30 laps. Something I've always been curious about. The Ironman watch I have says it records 99 laps but only saves 50 and you can really only view 50 because you have to save them to view them and you can only save 50....... You get the idea.

So yeah, I have strange tastes and really like bizarre things, pens, watches, weird I know.

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TriShannon said...

Some people like shoes, other watches. I'm right there with you. I have so many watches. One problem... right now all have dead batteries except my Ironman watch and HR monitor.

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