01 May 2007

I almost forgot....

this is the funniest thing.

Last night I left a comment over at Commodore about Fe-Lady. He had said that it took him a while to realize Fe meant iron. I commented that even though I'm a chemist and caught the Fe reference right away, when I think of it in my mind I say Fey- Lady. Well that must have stuck in my head because I dreamed about her last night.

Apparently we were training for a tri inside a hospital building. We were running around patients and doctors, through the rooms and up and down the corridors. She would get all pissed off at me because when we came to the corner of a room I would do a walking flip off the wall, you know, walk up the wall half way then flip over and come down (right, like I can do that!!). Anyway, she would yell at me because she would have to slow down so I could do my flip.

I woke up laughing. That was one of the funniest dreams I've had in a long time. And yes, I called her Fey-Lady!!

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Fe-lady said...

That IS HILARIOUS! Thanks for sharing...I am sure I will be called "Fey-lady" this weekend. And I am sure I will respond being called "Fay" or "Fey"- weird, hum?
I too have had "run through buildings" races- up and down stairs, through hallways, in and out of rooms...what does it all mean???? :-)
Never through a hospital tho...and never flipped off the walls! I am laughing picturing this whole scenario!!!

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