05 August 2007


and vacation will soon be over. BooHoo!!! It's been a good week though and I'm glad I took a break. I was getting so stressed out and I needed a break. But I'm actually glad to be going back to work. After a few days off I start to get bored. I had things to do but still I was getting a little bored.

I got the house all cleaned, laundry is washing as we speak. We are going to Sam's Club to stock up on some things and then is rest and relax for the rest of the day. Maybe we'll go look at houses, ehh, probably not.

We've looked at quite a few houses in the last couple of months and one thing I've noticed is that the bedrooms tend to be quite small. That's really pretty common here. The bedrooms are small but the living areas are usually larger. We have a queen size bed and some of these bedrooms, even the masters, won't fit a queen size. Well, at least not with any room to move. We could always get some bunk beds but I don't think the dogs would like it. They couldn't crawl into bed with us :)

Well, I have to get ready to head off to Sam's.

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Unknown said...

Booooo to end of vacation.

Where does the time go? That is what I want to know.

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