11 April 2008

The rest begins....

I've gone back to serious weight training this week since I was 'resting' for the tri on Sunday. I've taken today off though because I want to be fully rested and chomping at the bit to move on Sunday. Tomorrow morning, early, I'm going to Kailua beach for a swim, but that's not really a workout that's more for the panic thing. Other than that, that's it. Rest, relax, eat well, drink lots of water. That's my plan for the next 2 days.

Tomorrow I pick up my taxes. I know I owe, I just didn't ask how much. If it's too much I may have to change my name and move out of the country :) I hate taxes. I hate the government. I hate entitlement programs. I hate welfare. I hate politicians. So there!!!

Well, I've done everything I possibly can to try and save Gulliver. I've contacted Best Friends, the best rescue organization in the world, and they have agreed to take his case. If anyone can get him off Fanning Island and back to the US it's them. I have complete faith in them.

So tax day is my birthday, and you have no idea how much I hate that. Probably won't have any money to celebrate since Uncle Sam wants my money :( But that's okay. Maybe Hubby will buy me microfiber mops for my birthday. I actually have one now and I love it to death. I love that I don't have to use any chemicals on the floor since that's where the dogs spend most of their days. I'd rather they not lay in chemicals.

This year is 49!!! I can not believe it!!! Next year I'm going to be 50!!! Maybe over the course of the next year I'll share the story of my misspent youth, because I'll tell you what, there is no reason on God's green earth I should still be alive. So many of the friends that I hung out with ended up dead or seriously messed up. I'm incredibly lucky I got out and away when I did and didn't end up like them. Incredibly lucky. In many ways I've lived a very charmed life and had I not been such an idiot I'd probably be extremely wealthy right now. I look back and see so many missed opportunities, but how can you know at the time if something is an incredible opportunity or a complete folly?? Oh well, I guess that's part of living and learning. Alright, not sure exactly how I got off on this tangent but I'll stop now. Time to get ready for work.


Pokey said...

Happy almost-birthday Flo! Congrats on being 49 years young!

Take a nice rest and enjoy your mops ;)

Fe-lady said...

Hey- 49 is the new 29! And 50s are even better so don't fret! Happy happy! Best of luck at your tri this weekend!

angelfish24 said...

Happy Birthday to you! It's going to be a great year. Wow, you have lots of races planned for the year, that's great.
Glad to hear you are facing those water demons and winning.

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