08 May 2008

Idiot Drivers!!

I almost forgot about this. Yesterday I took my car in and then rode my bike to work. I rode my mountain bike, I had forgot how fun that bike is. It feels like a tank and like I can take on the world on it. Anyway, I had to ride my bike back to get my car in the afternoon. The shop is located on a busy street and Hawaii does not believe in bike lanes. I have to ride my bike in the right lane. I stay to the right and try to stay out of cars way but sometimes you just can't help getting in their way. So there was this one jerk that would pull as far over to the right as he could at every stoplight. He was pissing me off and there was no reason for it other than to block me. I fooled him though because I would go up onto the sidewalk and then back into the street once I got around him. I just don't understand why people do that. There was no point to it other than to be an as*hole to a bike rider. Wow, I hope my life is never that pathetic that I do things like that to get my thrills.

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Benson said...

Yikes! That guy is a dork. Be careful, the car always wins. Good you had the escape route.
My brother got clipped off his mtn. bike on Maui by the same kind of driver. Bro was OK but being a former semi-pro hockey player, he let the driver know what he thought about his driving skills and whipped his water bottle in the guys window. Nice shot...GOAL!

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