28 July 2008

My lunch

I have been hooked on this lunch for the past couple of weeks and since I had nothing to say today I thought I would share my lunch with you.


First, you start with this fantastic flat bread. I've discovered that yeast and/or wheat gluten does nasty things to my insides so I generally avoid regular bread. This however, is a fantastic substitute and I don't miss bread at all and at 1 point you can't beat it with a stick.


Next is this hummus. This stuff is like crack or something. It is to die for. 2 tablespoons is 2 points and worth every one.


Add some chopped up veggies. Today was tomatoes, cucumbers, and broccoli slaw.


1 tablespoon of dressing. I always use full fat dressing, never fat free or low fat. I find that the extra flavor is worth the extra point or two.

Then we assemble it:

Spread hummus on flat bread.

Add dressing to veggies and spread veggies on top of hummus.

Roll it up:


Add some yogurt:


And you have the perfect lunch. I have been eating versions of this for weeks now. I'm hooked. I look forward to lunch from the minute I eat breakfast. And it's a total of 7 points. How awesome is that?


Vickie said...

Looks delicious! And I have used those wraps quite a bit too. I generally don't eat much bread either.

Irene said...


Michelle said...

I love Flat Out! I just stumbled on it one day in the store. SO low in Points. I need to put hummus on 'em, that's a great idea!

Mandy said...

That really sounds yummy! Sesame tahini is really good added to hummus. I am not sure if Sabra puts it in or not?

leslie said...

What Irene said!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your lunch with me. I like your taste of food.Excellent

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