30 August 2008

Consistency is the key

I've been using FitDay to track my calories for the last 2 weeks and I've discovered a number of things.

First, I'm fairly consistent in my calories day to day. They range from around 1900 - 2200. I think that's good. There's no wild fluctuations but a steady supply of nutrients.

Second, I'm consistently eating 200-600 less calories then I burn, resulting in a daily deficit. That's good. The idea is to eat less, burn more. The problem here is I don't think that's enough. At that rate I'm losing a pound a week.....okay, never mind. A pound a week is perfectly acceptable. I may work on my workouts a little more to bump it up just a tad.

Thirdly, oddly enough weighing everything I eat works for me. I thought it would be a hassle and I'd only do it for a couple of days, but no. I keep the food scale right on the counter where I prepare my food. I find it extremely easy to put my plate on the scale, add a food item, write it down, zero the scale and add another, etc. I find I like knowing exactly how much I'm eating. I also find that by knowing how much it weighs and how many calories are in it I'm more satisfied. I know, that's weird, but true. The other night we had steak. I took my normal sized piece and put it on the scale. It weighed 132 grams. I thought that's too much. I ended up eating only 82 grams, 210 calories, and that was plenty. For some reason knowing exactly how much I'm eating really helps me control myself. I don't know why, but it works. With school starting next week and my schedule changing, I think I'll keep it up so I don't spiral out of control.

Okay, I'm off. I'm not sure I'm going to make WW this morning. I have something to do and it may not be done in time. Oh well. Life will go on if I miss one meeting.

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Anonymous said...

Consistency IS key! You are doing great. Keep focusing on the process and the outcome will always follow. Good luck!

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