12 August 2008

Conspiracy Theory??

I was reading another blog about 2 weeks ago and the author was saying that McDonald's is targeting black people. I immediately went into my conspiracy theory mode and thought, 'yeah, right! They actually sat around and went let's make commercials targeting black people.' I just didn't believe it. Since then I've noticed that all of the McDonald's commercials I see feature black people. They seem to speak of black people things, rap music, fried chicken. It's actually quite shocking. I was watching one tonight and thought that and it was immediately followed by the thought, they can not win for losing. Don't blacks complain because most of the people featured in ads and stuff are white?? So maybe McDonald's is trying to right an inequity. They are doing more commercials with black people and it's as simple as that. Or could it be a conspiracy and the marketing gurus really are marketing McDonald's to black people? What do you think??


Anonymous said...

Maybe it can be true. As we know that in business world, anything could be done to achieve the profit as large as possible. But, this is just possibility so it can be true or false. It it is true, maybe I will get shocked because is is very unusual for the company like McDonald to do something like that.

The Fitness Diva said...

I'm sorry, but fried chicken is a "black people" thing? Are black people really the only ones that eat fried chicken? I guess watermelon is "black" too, even though ALL people I know eat it. But it's only "special" when we do it, right? When you eat it, you're just enjoying a refreshing summer treat, right? When we do it, we're being ____ ...fill in the blank.
These are the same ignorant generalizations about people that help cause racism. You need to think really hard before you speak.

And by the way, rap is international. There's Italian rap, French Rap, Malaysian rap.. I could go on.
Oh, and I HATE rap and I'm black. You won't find ONE rap CD in my house. Many black friends of mine have similar tastes. You need to stop generalizing. After 50 years on the planet, this is how you think?
It's obvious that you know NOTHING about black people on a personal level.

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