Meanwhile, the workouts....

have been going well. I've been getting them all in and really feeling good. I want to have this routine set in stone before school starts next week. I want to be able to go through my mornings on autopilot, get up, workout, get ready for work, like that. I'm pretty sure it will be fine. It always seems that when I get busy I have more energy.

I am also trying to find a venue for some events the parrot club is putting on. Oh my that is hard. Calling around and trying to compare prices and find places that are available when we want them. She's coming in December!! Do you know how far in advance people plan their Christmas parties? Some places are already booked. UGH!!!! Under pressure........

I've also started doing some cleaning out for the big move next year. We are not taking anything but personal items with us. Everything else goes. We don't want to have to hire New York movers to get this done. When we moved to Hawaii we took a lot of stuff with us. This time will be different. It will be a lot of work cleaning out and getting rid of everything.

The good thing with all of the above is that work is really slow right now so I am getting things done at work that I normally wouldn't have time for :) That is the bright side.


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