06 September 2008

Apparently I can still run

Not far and definitely not fast, but I can do it.

This morning was the great running adventure. I have not run July 23rd. That is 6 1/2 weeks. I have to say I've been strength training almost that whole time so that's good. So I head out this morning with a very, very conservative plan. I'm going to walk for 4 minutes, jog for 1. I will do that for 30 minutes (6 times) with a 5 minute warm-up and cool-down, for a total time of 40 minutes. I head out and I'll be very honest, I'm scared. I get to my first run interval and I start running and it feels good. Turns out all the run intervals felt great, I guess the elliptical really does help, and my heel didn't bother me the entire time. When I got home I stretched really good and I'm sitting here typing this with my heel resting on an ice pack. I think I may be okay :)

So I did a total of 38 minutes (I always get faster towards the end) and covered 2 miles exactly. Yes, it's pathetically slow but hey, there's lots of room for improvement :) Now I'm off to the showers. Hope everyone has a great weekend.


Michelle said...

Thank god your heel didn't hurt!! What a great treat for you to have your running go well. Good job! And don't use that word, pathetic, it's so NOT pathetic :)

angelfish24 said...

Good going on your run. I need to start up again too. I'm having prob. w/ my heel and doc says plantar facsiatis (or however U spell that) so I need to take it easy and take care of it I guess.

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