20 September 2008

Come Saturday morning.....

My back has been bothering me lately and I think I finally figured out why. I'm sitting at my computer desk, and it's a huge desk with drawers on both sides and a huge top area. Anyway, I have my monitor set up directly across from the seat and, since it's a flat screen, it's pushed all the way to the back of the desk. Since it's in that grey area that I don't see so well in, glasses for distance and I see fine close up, I can't see it so good. As a result I tend to find myself leaning forward to see better. And I think that is what is causing my back to hurt. Doh!!!!! I'm going to have to rearrange my desk to correct the problem. At least there's an external cause and it's not just my back going bad.

Last night I was exhausted. Just completely and totally drained. I literally fell into bed and was sound asleep within minutes. I did not wake all night. When Hubby got up this morning I just rolled over and went right back to sleep again. It felt wonderful. I finally got up at 6:30 when the birds started screaming for their breakfast. I'm still tired and could easily have slept a couple more hours. As a result I didn't workout this morning, but I'm hoping to do it later tonight.

I think I'm going to take it kind of easy today. I have some reading and report writing for school to do but I think I'm going to nap, drink lots of water, and generally take care of myself. I've got about 10 more weeks of this, I need to pace myself.

Right now though, I need to get my butt off to WW. I considered not going but that is something that is help hold it all together for me. It's definitely worth the hour I spend on it every week.

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