17 September 2008

General grumbling.....

This is the kind of stuff that pisses me off!!! Why do spammers feel the need to copy what I wrote in a post and put it in the comments??? Stop it!!!! Jez, I hate spammers. You have no idea how many spam comments I get. This blog doesn't get too many. Flo's Place gets hunderds a day. So freaking annoying!!!! Spammers, get a life!!!!! This was a comment left yesterday:

I ran across this article yesterday on Starling Fitness. Seems that vegans and vegetarians have to be careful to get enough B12 or their brain will shrink. I've always found the arguments for vegetarianism interesting. It's one thing if you don't like meat, I know a few people like that. But to actively avoid it for supposed health reasons just cracks me up. First off if you look at our teeth you will quickly realize we were made to eat meat and veggies. We have the front teeth that rip and the rear teeth that grind. That allows us to eat both meat and veggies.

JERK!!!! People who go around doing this better be sure their term life insurance is paid up. If I met one of these folks in person they would need it.

Alright, that feels better but that's not why I came here :) I was going to write about something profound but it's slipped my mind. I guess all my ranting got me sidetracked. Let's see what was I thinking about this morning; school, Nala, breakfast. Oh yeah, breakfast. I've been eating Special K Protein for a while now and I really like it. But the other day in the store I was feeling like something different. I ended up getting Shredded Mini-Wheats Unfrosted. Yuck!! After eating Special K these taste like cardboard. Too bad because I used to really love them. Bleh!!

I guess I'll stop here for now. I can't remember exactly what I wanted to say so I'll go now. I'm going to go grumble in the corner over spammers......

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