19 September 2008

Is it December yet???

Wow, this schedule is killing me. I may not make it to December :)

Due to my crazy schedule workouts have been sporadic. I really want to but the sometimes sleep wins out. I'm hoping I'll adjust. I have Thursdays off now so that may make it a little easier.

I just need to be left alone to sleep through the night. Nala has been having seizures, so any little noise she makes wakes me up. I am sitting here typing this and I am soooooo tired. You have no idea.

The good part is, my food has been very good. I have no time to eat junk so that's definitely good. I don't think I'll be needing diet pills anytime soon.

Well, I'm off to bed early. I want to do my strength training in the morning. I need to get a workable routine going.

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