26 September 2008

It really is the little things.

I've done a complete 180 with my life recently, and I love it. I felt trapped on this island and in my job, so now I'm changing it all. New place to live, new career. Woo Hoo!!!! In the process I noticed some things.

I had fallen into a real rut with the way I dressed. For work I wore shorts and t-shirts because I didn't want my nice clothes to get ruined. When I wasn't working I generally hung out in workout clothes. After a while I noticed that almost all my clothes were workout clothes or shorts and t-shirts. I hardly ever dressed up and really dreaded going out anywhere. It was not good.

What I didn't realize was how something so innocuous as clothes could profoundly effect your life. It was during this time that I felt fat and lazy and out of shape. I overate way too often and working out was a struggle. I didn't think it was any harder then normal but you never notice that when your in the throes of it.

So then a month or so ago things started to change. I was going to be going to school, as a student and a teacher :) I needed to be able to look the part. So I went shopping. I got some great clothes that fit me well and I really like. Since I've started wearing them things have really changed. I feel a whole lot better about myself. I eat better without really thinking about it. I can actually turn food away - that's a shocker. Working out is much easier even though getting up is still hard. I feel good about myself and I want to do good things for myself.

It's not so shocking that this happened. What is shocking is how slowly and quietly I got into that position. It's really kind of amazing when you think about it. People who don't have a weight problem wonder how someone can let themselves go to the point where they weigh 400 lbs. What they don't understand is how it can sneak up on you and you don't even know it. That's what is such a shocker. I had no idea what a rut I had gotten myself into. Anyway, I'm out and it feels good.

Now, maybe it's time to look into European cruises for once my fabulous life kicks in and all is right with the world.


SeaShore said...

Good luck with all of the big changes - and have fun with them too!

Rachel said...

I have also found that I feel much better about myself since buying some new smarter clothes.

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