10 September 2008

The knee drama continues

I wish I knew what this knee thing was. I wish I could even explain the pain because it's weird. It feels like bone on bone on the inside of the right knee. I also get some pain in the upper part of the tibia and it feels like the knee cap may be slightly out of place. Anyway, I worked out this morning, strength training, and it didn't bother me at all. Driving my car, a stick shift, is very annoying. Not exactly painful but the knee doesn't feel good. I ended up stopping at the drugstore and getting a neoprene brace since I left the one I have at home. I've worn it all day and the knee is feeling better. I honestly think it's a mechanical issue. I think I probably slept wrong and it was twisted during the night. I have a favorite way to lie that I can't do anymore because it tweaks my knee. I have a feeling I was so tired that I slept like that. Hopefully it will click back not place soon.

Grad school is tough. I had no idea it would be this intense. The assignments are serious and you only have a short time to do them. Whew....

We were talking at work the other day and it hit me, I won't be taking a vacation this year. Oh....No airplane rides. No boarding the dogs. No worrying about a sitter for the birds. No hunting down the cheapest airfare. No travel insurance. Nothing. I'm really bummed. We had initially been planning a big trip this year, but once we decided to move that all changed. Oh well. We'll be doing a lot of traveling once we move.

Well, I have a pile of homework and another class tomorrow. I better get to work.

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