03 September 2008

What's been happening??

I'm almost afraid to post an entry. Seems a lot of bloggers have been turning up pregnant. I sure hope it's not contagious!!! Seriously, congrats to all the expecting bloggers!! Glad it's you and not me ;)

Meanwhile, back to me. I started school last night. It's going to be interesting, and fun, and a whole new experience. I'm looking forward to the semester. One thing that came up is that we have to have a background check before you can go into the schools. I wasn't worried about it until they said that even if you pleaded no contest to something you have to report it. That got me worried. Back when I was 18 I got into a jam with my ex and ended up getting arrested for something he did. I never went to court or paid a fine or anything. I signed some papers and was told the matter was over. I was 18 and I did not pay enough attention to completely understand what was happening. I may or may not have pleaded no contest to the charges. I may or may not have accepted responsibility for something I didn't do . What I did know was that I had never been convicted of a felony, which is what most people ask.

After freaking out about it I went and talked it over with the dean. She had a copy of the form you fill out and it seems my crimes didn't fall under any of the categories they have listed. I filled out the form and then wrote a little explanation on the possibility that my crimes from 30 years ago may show up. It's about all I can do. I have my fingers crossed and am hoping it all works out.

Workouts have been happening consistently. It's good. I'm so focused on school that the workouts just happen. No moaning or groaning, they just happen. It's cool.

I saw the chiro today and he says it's time to try running again. I'm scared. In the morning I will do a 30 minute run/walk to see how my heel does. I'm scared. I don't want this to start hurting again. Did I mention I'm scared??? Well, we'll see how it goes.

That catches you up. I now have a metric ton of reading to do so I'm off.

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Vickie said...

Good luck with your class! Can't wait to hear how the running goes.

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