28 September 2008

Whole Foods

On Sept. 10th Hawaii's very first Whole Foods opened. Every weekend since then I've been driving past wanting to go inside. The parking lot has been so crowded I haven't stopped. Yesterday we turned into the parking lot and it was over half empty. Yea!!! I finally get a chance to go to Whole Foods.

I've been to Whole Foods on the mainland so I knew what it was like, but having one here in Hawaii is different. It's very exciting. I was able to purchase a couple of items that are incredibly hard to find here, Greek yogurt and ground buffalo meat. I really wanted to buy a buffalo steak but Hubby was freaking out at the $22/lb price. Of course, it's just the 2 of us so we don't need a huge one. But I got ground buffalo meat. Hopefully he'll like it and want to try the steak.

Anyway, the store is huge and amazing and expensive. I think we spent about an hour in there just roaming the aisles. I bought a couple of things, the above mentioned buffalo and yogurt, some really great coffee (I'm drinking it now), some cereal I've been wanting to try but haven't been able to find, some interesting fruit for the birds, and a cappuchino cheesecake. Yeah, one grocery bag was $40. It's not cheap and I won't be going there all the time because it's on the other side of the island, but I like it. They are opening one on this side and if it opens before I leave I'll shop there often. There are also plenty in Colorado so I'll be shopping there when I move.

So a week ago I ordered a computer from HP. They said it would be built by Oct 1 and shipped. I got the notice yesterday that it had shipped. Yea!!! I'm very excited. I ordered it for a number of reasons. I have a pile, literally a pile, of work for grad school. I want to be able to take it with me and work on things whenever I want to - like at lunch time. I've tried using a flashdrive and while that's fine for carrying finished projects back and forth, it doesn't work so well for working on things. Also, Sam the cockatoo, is in my computer room. After about 7-7:30 at night he wants me gone so he can sleep. It's hard to work on my stuff while the bird is bitching at me to get out. Finally, I can sit anywhere and work. Sometimes sitting at this desk is just a pain in the butt. Now I can sit on the couch with a TV tray and work away. I'm stoked about all this. So I'm excited that it's on it's way. Woo Hoo.........

Okay, time to go workout. Sunday morning has become my day for my big workouts. It's pretty much the only morning I have enough time to do 2 hours or so worth of stuff.


Michelle said...

Oh, soon you'll have the whole glued to the couch with your laptop burning your legs routine that I have going on :) There's a Whole Foods opening in my town soon too. We have, I think three, in our county but this is the first in my town. I recommend The Lapinator for those hot legs, btw. Works better than all those fancy things and costs less.

Benson said...

Oh so cool,
WF is good stuff.
Funny that Sam kicks you out of 'his' room.
That'll end soon.

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