04 September 2008

Wimped out

I didn't run this morning. The alarm went off and I thought I heard it raining (it was the sprinkler), so I turned over and didn't even try to get up. When I did get up an hour later, I tried to puzzle out what happened. Last night I was really looking forward to running. I'm dying to get back out on the road again. Near as I can figure I'm scared. When my heel hurts it really, really hurts. This is way more painful than PF. I'm afraid of getting that pain again. I used a flimsy excuse to avoid running so there wouldn't be any pain. So that's what happened. I wussed out completely. I figure I'll do my run this weekend when I can come home and ice it down right away. I know, I'm an embarrassment. I'm off to hang my head in shame.

1 comment:

Irene said...

Is there something else you can do when you just don't feel up to running? I am so with you on fearing that pain.

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